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The Greater New England UFO Gig

A few photos from last weekend's Greater New England UFO Conference, which was a great time!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Philip K. Dick - Synchronicities, the Paranormal, and Much More

Available now is the new book from Timothy Green Beckley: The Matrix Control System of Philip K. Dick. This is an excellent book, which includes an Introduction from PKD's widow, Tessa Dick. Not one to be missed!

Here's what the publisher has to say about the book:

You Have Doubtlessly Seen The Movies Based Upon What We Have All Come to Believe Are Exceptionally Brilliant Science Fiction Novels Written By The Late Philip K. Dick . . .
But what you probably didn’t know is that their creator was living out some of the same incredibly bizarre scenarios that he wrote about. One can easily compare Philip to the character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Total Recall,” who found himself in a parallel universe on a faraway planet, despite the fact that he was only supposed to be hooked up in a laboratory to a machine that creates realistic dream-like images. Which reality is the character really living in?
At a sci-fi press conference held in France in 1977, Philip tried to explain some of his bewildering thoughts about the existence of a parallel or self-contained – Matrix-like – universe created by “someone” who has the ability to alter the course of time and our concept of reality:
“People claim to remember past lives,” Philip told the throng of reporters and fans. “I claim to remember a different – very different – present life. I know of nobody who has ever made this claim before but I rather suspect that my experience is not unique. What perhaps is unique is my willingness to talk about it. We are living in a computer-programmed reality and the only clue we have to it is when some variable is changed and some alteration in our reality occurs . . . and because of this a variable WAS changed – reprogrammed as it were – and an alternative world branched off.”
Drawing on the masterful mind of creative genius Philip K. Dick we offer up dozens of his personal experiences, as well as those of others in the UFO and paranormal fields, where synchronicities seem to abound. This is NOT science fiction. This is a universe that cannot be so easily grasped or explained.
The well-known collector of scientific curiosities, Charles Fort, is often quoted as having said: “The Earth is a farm. We are someone’s property.” He likened our condition to being movable pieces on a chess board.
“There is no doubt that we are under some sort of surveillance and that an ‘invisible hand’ has the ability to carve out our existence and ‘interfere’ in our daily lives by creating a variety of bizarre ‘play scripts’ that to some may seem like pure ‘coincidences.’” Or so says pop culture paranormalist Tim Beckley, who notes that “Synchronicities are not just random occurrences but are laid out before us by some sort of synchronicity command post, which ably demonstrates their mastery or control over us hapless earthlings.”
Drawing on the masterful mind of creative genius Philip K. Dick (some to this day perceive him to have been a total “mad man”) we offer up dozens of his personal experiences, as well as those of others in the UFO and paranormal fields, where synchronicities seem to abound. Beckley and co-author Sean Casteel lay out a plausible scenario to “explain” the intricate workings of what has been dubbed “The Synchronicity Command Board,” or “Earth Coincidence Control Office,” as so aptly named by the brilliant American marine biologist and neurologist, Dr. John C. Lilly.
THE MATRIX CONTROL SYSTEM OF PHILIP K. DICK – AND THE PARANORMAL SYNCHRONICITIES OF TIMOTHY GREEN BECKLEY has been compiled by Tim Beckley and Sean Casted with an Introduction by Tessa Dick and added contributions by such esteemed researchers as: Philip K. Dick, Tim Swartz, Nick Redfern, Diane Tessman, Hercules Invictus, Brad Steiger, Brent Raynes, Cynthia Cirile, Valarie D. Orazio, and others who have come to conclude we are living in a computerized simulation, and like PKD acknowledge the existence of the Matrix.

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"Haunted By A Phantom Ape"

That's the title of a new article from me at Mysterious Universe...

And here's how it begins...

On several occasions, I have written here at Mysterious Universe about the phenomenon of what I call “anomalous apes.” Most cryptozoologists are of the opinion that the likes of Bigfoot, the Yeti of the Himalayas, the Yeren of China, and the Yowie of Australia are wholly flesh and blood animals of a presently unknown type. There are, however, more than a few reports of such creatures that seem far more phantom-like in nature. It’s important to note that there is nothing new about anomalous apes. To demonstrate that, we have to turn our attentions to a certain book written back in 1954.

Elliott O’Donnell (1872-1965) was an author of many books on the world of the supernatural. They included Ghostly Phenomena (1913), Confessions of a Ghost Hunter (1928), and Strange Cults & Secret Societies of Modern London (1934). And, in 1954, there was Dangerous Ghosts. It’s this book to which we need to turn our attentions. In its pages O’Donnell said to his audience that “…Mrs. James, a reader of my books, told me, when I was living in London, an extraordinary story of Mr. Ward, one of her girlhood friends, who was haunted by a phantom ape.”

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The Beast of Bala Lake

 Does a massive fish lurk in the waters of Bala Lake, Wales? Probably, yes!

Twin Peaks...

Well, I watched the last 2 episodes of the new series of Twin Peaks last night. What did I think of it? It was OK (just about...). 

But, just like when your favorite band reforms, or when The X-Files came back, I could have done without TP returning. 

I loved the original when I watched back in 1990/1991. But, I watched the new series more out of curiosity than anything else. And, to see how they all looked after 27 years. 

There were a few good moments, a few hilarious ones, but overall? Meh. 

I thought that the whole Dougie thing got way dragged out over far too many episodes. 

And it seemed to me that a lot of the oddness was simply added because the creators of the new series thought the audience would expect it. 

In other words, I thought a lot of the oddness came across as forced. I'm glad I watched it (I think...), but please let it rest now. 

And, don't bring anymore X-Files back, either. Enough is enough.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"Shapeshifters" Update

Well, a sure sign my forthcoming Shapeshifters book will be available imminently - got 2 finished copies in the mail yesterday, along with 6 flat fliers which show the front and back covers...

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Mothman & Nuclear Nightmares

That's the subject of a new article from me at Mysterious Universe - a weird tale of Armageddon and a cluster of bad dreams...