Tuesday, September 12, 2017

"Haunted By A Phantom Ape"

That's the title of a new article from me at Mysterious Universe...

And here's how it begins...

On several occasions, I have written here at Mysterious Universe about the phenomenon of what I call “anomalous apes.” Most cryptozoologists are of the opinion that the likes of Bigfoot, the Yeti of the Himalayas, the Yeren of China, and the Yowie of Australia are wholly flesh and blood animals of a presently unknown type. There are, however, more than a few reports of such creatures that seem far more phantom-like in nature. It’s important to note that there is nothing new about anomalous apes. To demonstrate that, we have to turn our attentions to a certain book written back in 1954.

Elliott O’Donnell (1872-1965) was an author of many books on the world of the supernatural. They included Ghostly Phenomena (1913), Confessions of a Ghost Hunter (1928), and Strange Cults & Secret Societies of Modern London (1934). And, in 1954, there was Dangerous Ghosts. It’s this book to which we need to turn our attentions. In its pages O’Donnell said to his audience that “…Mrs. James, a reader of my books, told me, when I was living in London, an extraordinary story of Mr. Ward, one of her girlhood friends, who was haunted by a phantom ape.”

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Beast of Bala Lake

 Does a massive fish lurk in the waters of Bala Lake, Wales? Probably, yes!

Twin Peaks...

Well, I watched the last 2 episodes of the new series of Twin Peaks last night. What did I think of it? It was OK (just about...). 

But, just like when your favorite band reforms, or when The X-Files came back, I could have done without TP returning. 

I loved the original when I watched back in 1990/1991. But, I watched the new series more out of curiosity than anything else. And, to see how they all looked after 27 years. 

There were a few good moments, a few hilarious ones, but overall? Meh. 

I thought that the whole Dougie thing got way dragged out over far too many episodes. 

And it seemed to me that a lot of the oddness was simply added because the creators of the new series thought the audience would expect it. 

In other words, I thought a lot of the oddness came across as forced. I'm glad I watched it (I think...), but please let it rest now. 

And, don't bring anymore X-Files back, either. Enough is enough.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"Shapeshifters" Update

Well, a sure sign my forthcoming Shapeshifters book will be available imminently - got 2 finished copies in the mail yesterday, along with 6 flat fliers which show the front and back covers...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mothman & Nuclear Nightmares

That's the subject of a new article from me at Mysterious Universe - a weird tale of Armageddon and a cluster of bad dreams...

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

No Return - Reviewed

No Return is the title of a new book from David Booher. It is published by the good folks at Anomalist Books. The subtitle is UFO Abduction or Covert Operation? That’s a very good question! I finished reading the book last week and, I can say with certainty, it does not disappoint. It’s a real-life, little-known, saga that dates back to the latter part of the 1950s. It still remains filled with enigmas and puzzles, close to sixty years after it occurred.

Anomalist Books’ publicity page for No Return states: “On a lonesome road in Utah, a young soldier returning from leave speeds through the desert night. Suddenly the sky lights up as a blazing object streaks across the highway and crashes nearby. Stunned, the soldier stops and decides to investigate. Little does he know, but his life will never be the same again. This is the true story of a man named Gerry Irwin. Following a mysterious experience in Utah in 1959, inexplicable blackouts and bizarre behavior threatened to derail his promising Army career. Then one day he suddenly deserted his Army post in Texas and disappeared without a trace. No one knows what became of him—until now. What happened to Gerry Irwin? Was he abducted by aliens, in what would amount to the first known case of this phenomenon on American soil? Or was he a pawn in a covert intelligence operation? And how does his story really end? A new investigation launched in 2013 attempts to answer these and other questions, revealing along the way the ordeal of a man whose mind was ravaged by a confrontation with the unknown.”

Those are the two opening paragraphs from a new review from me of the latest title from Anomalist Books: No Return, by David Booher. It's a great book, very intriguing, and well worth reading!

You can read my review here, and you can find more on the book at the links above.

The Ramones: Cursed???

Were punk rock gods, The Ramones, cursed? That's the question I ask in a new article...

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Trilogy of Pterodactyl Tales

Within the field of Cryptozoology, one of the strangest issues is that which revolves around claims that in various parts of the world pterodactyls still exist. Yes, it sounds totally crazy. But, there are plenty of such stories, some from very credible people.

I recently wrote a three-part series on such cases for Mysterious Universe, and here they are:

1. A 1982 wave of encounters in the north of England.

2. The Pterodactyl-Peyote connection.

3. A definite hoax.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Chestnut Ridge Mysteries: Bigfoot & UFOs...

This looks to be good...!

Press release from: Small Town Monsters:



A new film titled Invasion on Chestnut Ridge (from the creators of the just-released documentary, The Mothman of Point Pleasant) now has a trailer. “Invasion” tells the true story of one of the more bizarre places in America, Pennsylvania's Chestnut Ridge, and the unusual activity that has taken place there for decades. Ahead of the launch of the film, the official trailer has been released. Delving into one of the most intriguing, and unusual regions this side of the Bermuda Triangle, the film will tell the tale of the Kecksburg UFO crash, the Uniontown Bigfoot/UFO sightings, encounters with a large, prehistoric bird in Keystone State Park and much more.

The trailer shows glimpses of just a few of the interviews conducted with locals, witnesses and investigators interspersed with footage depicting some of the unusual activity that has taken place along the ridge. Invasion on Chestnut Ridge will be the first feature film to document this hotbed of paranormal activity. Is the ridge a magnet for strange and mystifying forces? A beacon to visitors from beyond? You be the judge when the film is released on October 20th!

Small Town Monsters produced the just-released Mothman of Point Pleasant. That film is currently in the midst of a lengthy film festival run that spans into next year, and was previously the best selling title on Amazon’s Documentary category. Invasion is directed and produced by Seth Breedlove, the award-winning director of Boggy Creek Monster, Beast of Whitehall and The Mothman of Point Pleasant. It features cinematography by Zac Palmisano, animated sequences by Chris Scalf, special FX work by Sentry Cinemas, illustrations by Brandon Scalf and Matt Harris and an original score by Brandon Dalo. The one-sheet was created by renowned artist, Sam Shearon.

STM is currently working on multiple projects including a production directed by filmmaker, Aleksandar Petakov, about the lake monster, Champ. Previous STM films including “Mothman” are available through Amazon and Vimeo OnDemand or on DVD through shop.smalltownmonsters.com

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Britain's Bigfoot: Paranormal

A new article from me on why the so-called "British Bigfoot" is clearly not a flesh-and-blood animal. It's much weirder than that...

Friday, July 14, 2017

David Weatherly and Nessie...

David Weatherly (author of The Black Eyed Children) gives my 2016 book, Nessie, an excellent review.

You can find David's thoughts and observations on the book right here.

That's David below, at last year's Dogman Symposium in Defiance, Ohio.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Crashed UFO...That Wasn't...

A good, new article from Jack Brewer, in which I get a mention and which gets into the issue of a crashed UFO that was surely NOT a crashed UFO...

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

UFOs & MInd-Control: A Trilogy of Accounts

Over at Mysterious Universe, you can find a 3-part series from me on the controversial issue of the connection between UFOs and "mind-control"/ "mind manipulation."

1. This one is an article on the strange affair of a minor cog in the Contactee wheel of the 1950s: Orfeo Angelucci.

2. The follow-up focuses on a man named Stanley Glickman, who had a near-identical experience - also in the 1950s.

3. The third one all revolves around two of the stranger stories connected to the Roswell affair.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Roswell: A Change Coming?

Over at Mysterious Universe, there's a new article from me on last week's 70th anniversary celebrations in Roswell, New Mexico. Here's how it starts:

From June 28 to July 2, I hung out in the city of Roswell, New Mexico, to attend the annual UFO gig – which is actually a collection/selection of more than a few events, activities and fun for the family. It was a packed weekend, with thousands of people turning up to take part in the festivities. The figures are hardly surprising: it was, after all, the 70th anniversary of the crash of…well…take your pick: a UFO, a weather-balloon, time-travelers, a Soviet device, or…the list goes on and on. And on. The conference that I spoke at (along with Greg Bishop, Jack Brewer, Dr. Michael Heiser, Joe Jordan, and Guy Malone – who organized the event) provoked a great deal of feedback from the audience. The title of the conference: “70 Years Later: Modern Challenges to the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis.” I was speaking on the subject of my recently-published book, The Roswell UFO Conspiracy, and I gave my lecture twice – on June 30 and July 2.

What I found particularly interesting about the entire affair was the local media’s coverage of the 70th anniversary. There’s no doubt that the city of Roswell derives a great deal of income from the tourist industry – and not just at the time of the annual gigs, but throughout the entire year, too. Most of that same tourism revolves around the alien angle of the controversial incident. In light of that, I was somewhat surprised – albeit in a good and positive way – by the coverage that the city’s Roswell Daily Record newspaper gave to the celebrations. It was on June 30 that the first, major article appeared in the newspaper – specifically on the non-alien theories for whatever it really was that happened outside of Roswell in the summer of 1947.

And here's the link to the article...

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Roswell's 70th - In Pictures...

This past weekend I was in Roswell for the 70th anniversary gigs, and here are a few photos from what was a cool, fun few days...

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Slenderman Mysteries: February 2018

Coming from me in February 2018: The Slenderman Mysteries:  An Internet Urban Legend Comes To Life.

And here's the publisher's (New Page Books) info on the book:

"It’s the dead of night; you are fast asleep. Suddenly, you are wide awake but unable to move. Hunched over you in the shadows is an eight- or nine-foot-tall gaunt entity with spider-thin limbs, dressed in an old-style black suit, its pale face missing eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. You finally manage to cry out. The monstrous thing disappears as suddenly as it appeared.

"You just had a terrifying encounter with the Slenderman.

"Who―or what―is the Slenderman? His existence began on the Internet, but he didn’t stay online. The Slenderman may be a tulpa, a thought-form that can stride out of our darkest imaginations and into reality if enough people believe in it. In May 2014, two young Milwaukee girls almost killed a friend in the name of the Slenderman. Perhaps, like the vast Skynet system in the Terminator movies, the Internet is turning against us―and attacking us with digital equivalents of our own online nightmares.

"The Slenderman has come to life. For the first time, this book reveals the full and fear-filled saga."

Friday, June 23, 2017

MJ12, Documents & UFO Disclosure

I'm not sure how many more articles I can write on the latest (and 100 percent bogus) MJ12 documents, but here's the latest. It's probably not the last one from me on this subject, but it's surely getting to the end. I hope.

Here's where you can find the article.

And, here's how it begins:

All of the recent talk about the ridiculous/ludicrous latest batch of Majestic 12 documents has me thinking about a question I was asked, by several people, when the documents first surfaced last week. The question was: is this finally the start of disclosure? My answer: Is it ***K! Let’s get a few things straight. If someone on the inside wants to initiate some form of disclosure (with official sanction or as a rogue individual), then they could most certainly do a hell of a lot better than teasing us with that latest pile of stinking, steaming, fly-infested puke. An interview with an alien who talks just like we do and who loves trees? If that’s the best that a person wanting disclosure can come up with – hippie tree-huggers from the stars (who probably like acoustic guitars and beards) – then God help us all. What the hell will be next? A revelation that the once-Strawberry-Ice-Cream-loving ETs have now moved onto chocolate-chip?

Friday, June 16, 2017

Thoughts On The New MJ12 "Documents"

While I don't know who faked those new MJ12 documents, there's not a chance this is disinformation by a government agency.

This is probably the work of someone in Ufology, who is just waiting for certain UFO researchers to endorse the documents - and then the hoaxer will come forward and explain how and why he did it.
With the 70th anniversary of the Roswell crash being just around the corner, this is perfect timing for someone to try and fool Ufology. And with the "I want to believe" factor so strong in Ufology, it will probably work.

I am looking forward to seeing certain ufological fence-sitters who will 100 percent refuse to denounce the documents as bullshit.

Why won't they denounce them? Because they fear they won't get booked at next year's conference here, or conference there, and are fearful of not being in with the "in-crowd" of Ufology anymore. Pathetic!! To those people, I say grow some balls and say what these "documents" are - total crap!

Majestic 12: The New papers

You may have seen that just a couple of days ago a new batch of Majestic 12 documents surfaced. Are they real? No, not in my opinion. They are a total joke! You can find my article here...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017

UFOs & Rendlesham Forest

A new article from me on UFOs around Rendlesham Forest, England - but not the 1980 incident...these are from 1983 and 1984...

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Roswell and "Memory Metal"

At Mysterious Universe, I address the issue of the so-called "memory metal" found on the Foster Ranch, Lincoln County, New Mexico in 1947. I am, of course, talking about Roswell.

Here's how the article begins:

"When it comes to the Roswell affair of July 1947, there are numerous issues, theories and ideas for what happened. Or, for what didn’t happen. One of the issues that very often surfaces – in relation to the nature of the recovered debris – is that which concerns the so-called “memory metal” reportedly found at the site. Those who are of the opinion that aliens met their deaths on the Foster Ranch, Lincoln County, New Mexico on that fateful and fatal day suggest that the memory metal can only have been extraterrestrial in nature. But, is that really the truth? Well, it very much depends on who you ask and who you believe."

Roswell: "Sinister Secrets"

Over at Red Dirt Report, Andrew Griffin provides an excellent review of my new book, The Roswell UFO Conspiracy.

The article is titled "New book on alleged Roswell 'saucer crash'  controversy points to far more sinister secrets."

FrightFind and the Men in Black

FrightFind.com highlights my Men in Black book, as the 20th anniversary of the Men in Black movie looms on the horizon...

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Men In Black - 20 Years Later

In a new article at Mysterious Universe, I highlight (A) the looming 20th anniversary of the release of the movie Men in Black; and (B) the differences between the Hollywood MIB and the real ones...

You can find the article here, and below is an extract:

July 2 of this year will mark the 20th anniversary of the release of the movie Men in Black, which starred Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Fiorentino, and Rip Torn. It was an incredibly successful movie that pulled in close to $600 Million in box-office takings. Men in Black II surfaced in 2002 and made a more than respectable profit, and the third movie in the series – Men in Black 3 – did even better, with box-office figures reaching more than $620 Million. Based on Lowell Cunningham’s comic book series, Men in Black, the movies most definitely brought the MIB of UFO lore to the attention of millions of people – and all around the world. The movies did something else, too: they cemented in the minds of most people the image that the MIB are the operatives of a highly secret agency which is buried deep within the heart of the U.S. Government. The reality, however, is very different.

Of course, the three Men in Black movies are meant purely as entertainment for the whole family – which they certainly are. But, when it comes to the real Men in Black, matters are much darker. In fact, way darker. And, I’m not talking about the color of the suits. It’s ironic that the movies portrayed the Men in Black as what we might term “ufological 007’s,” as the “secret agent” angle is actually the most unlikely explanation for the MIB.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Demonic Connection - At 30

In a new article I profile the "30th anniversary" of the publication of  Toyne Newton's book, The Demonic Connection.

Here's how the article begins...

"This year marks the 30th anniversary of the publication of what still remains a fascinating and controversial book. The book is titled The Demonic Connection and the subtitle is An Investigation Into Satanism in England and the International Black Magic Conspiracy. The author is Toyne Newton (with Charles Walker and Alan Brown). It’s a book I first read when it was published, and which I still pick up and read again every few years. Much of the story is focused upon Clapham Woods, an area situated in the English county of West Sussex..."

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hoaxed UFO Documents

As follow-ups to my article on Marilyn Monroe, UFOs, and a dubious document, I have written two more articles on hoaxed documents.

One concerns the 1980 Rendlesham Forest, U.K., event and the second focuses on a strange saga of dead bodies of an unusual kind.

Neither document is real, but at times both have been offered as the real deal. Don't be fooled by them! They are nothing but a pile of crap.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Back in 1995, a supposedly "leaked" document surfaced suggesting that legendary actress and uber-babe Marilyn Monroe may have been whacked for what she knew about Roswell. Now, the story is back again...as a new article from me shows.

Roswell and Coast to Coast AM

Over at Coast to Coast AM you can find a summary of last night's show, on which I was interviewed about my new book, The Roswell UFO Conspiracy.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Smoke, Fire, and Monsters...

That's the subject of a new article from me...

Roswell on the Radio

For those interested, here's a list of radio shows for my new book, The Roswell UFO Conspiracy.

The dates are the dates on which the shows were recorded/will be recorded and/or which will go out live. All of the shows are/will be archived, so if you miss them, it's no problem:

Greg Bishop, Radio Misterioso – May 10 (6pm CST)

Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Strange Dimensions – May 10 (9pm CST)

Gene Steinberg, The Paracast – May 11

Jim Harold’s The Paranormal Podcast– May 17

Kevin Randle - May 17th

Ryan Sprague, Somewhere in the Skies - May 19

Alejandro Rojas - May 23rd (5PM PST)

Monique Lessan, Revolution Radio– May 24

Coast to Coast AM – May 25/26

The ‘X’ Zone Radio – May 30 (8pm-9pm EST)

*Red Dirt Report – June 12

Binnall of America, Tim Binnall– June 13

Travis Shortt, WDOC Inc./WQHY Q95FM/Mystic Moon CafĂ© – June 14 (9-11pm EST) http://q95fm.net

Arcane Radio - June 21 (10:30pm EST)

The Conspiracy Show, Richard Syrett - June 25

Sheryl Glick of Healing From Within – July 10 (4:30pm EST)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

From New Mexico to Rendlesham Forest

Was a UFO that landed in New Mexico in 1976 the same one that came down in Rendlesham Forest in December 1980? Maybe it was...

Prison Evacuations and an Alien Encounter

At the height of the Rendlesham Forest UFO affair of December 1980, were a number of local prisons on the verge of being evacuated? It's a conspiracy-filled saga I address in a new article...

Do Lake Monsters Migrate?

That's the controversial question I ask in a new article at Mysterious Universe. Here's how it begins:

"Just a couple of days ago, while I was being interviewed on the radio on the subject of Cryptozoology, a caller to the show asked an interesting and controversial question: do lake-monsters migrate? Well, I can say for sure I have never been asked that question before! Personally, I have grave doubts that the many and various lake-monsters of our world are flesh-and-blood animals. I am far more inclined to go down a paranormal path. But, to stay on track with the theme of the question, although I certainly do not think that lake-monsters “migrate,” there’s no doubt that there are significant numbers of reports of such creatures seen out of the water and on the land.

"July 22, 1933 was the day that Mr. and Mrs. George Spicer had an encounter with a strange creature at Loch Ness, Scotland. It was close to 4:00 p.m. when the Spicers crossed paths something extremely weird – and, from their perspective, terrifying. As the pair drove along the road that links Foyers and Dores, Mrs. Spicer let out a loud scream. Around 600 feet ahead was a large animal which surfaced out of the bushes that dominated the roadside. At first, all that could be seen was what looked like a large trunk. As they got closer, however, the situation quickly changed. George Spicer described the animal as being hideous, an absolute affront against nature. What particularly struck Spicer – and which provoked his comments – was the way the thing moved. It did not do so like any normal animal. Rather, it lumbered across the road. in a series of odd jerks and coils; something which, for Spicer and his wife, was reminiscent of a massive worm. It was quickly lost to sight."

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Roswell & Shapeshifters

Received in the mail today the "Galley" of my next book, Shapeshifters: Morphing Monsters and Changing Cryptids, which will be published by Llewellyn Books in September. The Galley is the last chance I have to check it for any last-minute changes. Looks good!

And after the galley of my Shapehifters book got delivered by UPS, the Post Office just now delivered these: my author-copies of my current book, The Roswell UFO Conspiracy. Not a bad day!