Monday, July 28, 2014

New Saucerian Press: New UFO Titles

If, like me, you find the earlier years of Ufology to be far more interesting than those of today, then you'll want to get your hands on the latest from Andy Colvin's New Saucerian Press.

Andy (the author, of course, of The Mothman's Photographer series of books) is doing a great job of re-publishing old, flying saucer-themed books. And, right now, there are three new additions.

The first is Secrets of the Saucer People: Flying Saucer Revelations, written by "Michael X."

Andy says of this book (his words in bold):

New Saucerian is proud to issue a high-quality facsimile of one of the classics of 1950s West Coast saucering, Secrets of the Saucer People: Flying Saucer Revelations. This special 2014 reprint features wonderful period cover art by Bill Randall.

Written in 1957, this is an "educational and inspirational course of study" dealing with "interplanetary" craft such as flying saucers. It was especially written and intended for "New Age Individuals" everywhere.

The following five lessons are included in this special study:

1. The Saucer People on Earth

2. Flying Saucers at Giant Rock, California

3. Secretes of the Saucer People

4. The Magic of Ether Ships

5. Discs, Destiny, and You

As the introduction to the book makes clear, this work is based on "scientific" findings, ufological data accumulated by numerous researchers, intensive personal investigation, and "mystical revelation" by the author, the enigmatic and reclusive "Michael X."

Some say Michael X still lives, due to an agreement he made with the space beings, who have allowed him to live longer on Earth, as their emissary. If this is true, then we should thank the spacemen for keeping the words of this mystic sage alive, for new generations to hear and interpret.

The second book that Andy has republished is Mysteries of the Skymen, by Alvin E. Moore

And, again, here are Andy's words about the book (in bold, again, too):

Of all the UFO experts, Commander Alvin E. Moore sported one of the most impressive backgrounds. His skill in engineering and other sciences, and his expertise in history, law, and intelligence work uniquely qualified him to present and evaluate the mass of ufological data presented in this book.

Educated at the U.S. Naval Academy, The American University, and the George Washington School of Law, he holds B.S. and M.A. degrees. He is a retired line officer of the U.S. Navy, has specialized in aeronautical engineering, and was patent engineer and attorney for the Wernher Von Braun team of space scientists at Huntsville, Alabama. Moore has been granted more than 50 U.S. patents on his inventions - mostly on aircraft, marine craft, and automobiles.

Due to his basic nature and long governmental service, Commander Moore has a strong sense of duty. After 25 years of UFO observation and research, he was spurred by his obligation to his family, his nation, and to mankind, to publish this book.


The third of the new releases from New Saucerian Press is John C. Sherwood's Flying Saucers Are Watching You.

Once again, over to Andy...

Is it just "swamp gas," or are flying saucers indeed watching you?

Written in 1967, Flying Saucers Are Watching You is one of the rarest of Gray Barker's Saucerian publications, chronicling the legendary 1966 Michigan UFO sightings - on the spot, as they occurred.

This book is a collection of news clippings, eyewitness drawings and interviews, photographs, and personal recollections of a young engineering student, John C. Sherwood, who was there - in Michigan - when it all happened. Sherwood kept an extensive scrapbook, conducted his own investigations, and shared his results with Barker. (Later, he would work with Barker on other articles - using the pseudonym "Richard Pratt" - that would rock ufology with their intellectual and scientific complexity.)

Literally hundreds of civilians, college students, law enforcement personnel, and military personnel witnessed almost nightly sightings of strange lights and craft in and around Dexter, Michigan for three weeks in March of 1966. It became a national news story at time, along with a similar flap that was occurring simultaneously in the Ohio Valley (which preceded the mysterious "Mothman" sightings).

This 2014 reprint edition, with an introduction by Gray Barker, is a remarkable overview of one of the landmark UFO flaps. It also shares interesting insights into issues surrounding journalistic freedom, government secrecy, and the metaphysical nature of reality. A rare must-have for serious UFO researchers.

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