Friday, December 12, 2014

Gray Barker's Bigfoot Shootout!

If you're into wilder, more controversial, side of Bigfoot, here's a book to buy:

A newly-published edition of an old (1983) one from Gray Barker: Bigfoot Shootout!

And here's the publisher's info on the book:

New Saucerian proudly presents Gray Barker's underground classic, Bigfoot Shootout: Terrifying Tales of Interspecies Conflict!

This 1983 book, which was way ahead of its time (thirty years before shows like "Shooting Bigfoot"), features Barker's musings on the unusual intersection of Bigfoot, UFOs, and firearms, as well as special reports submitted to him at his Saucerian headquarters in Riffle, West Virginia.

This smorgasbord of high-strangeness delves into alarming matters such as Bigfoot surveillance of livestock and humans, the kidnapping of prospectors and hikers by Sasquatch, and the mystifying aerial lights that seem to provide "cover" for these dastardly deeds.

Does Bigfoot occasionally kidnap, terrorize, hypnotize, and attack human beings? Can he shapeshift or disappear before your very eyes? If you shoot him point-blank with a machine gun, will he just laugh at you? Are the Apemen stockpiling weapons stolen from unwitting civilians, hoping to turn the tables at some future date?

These questions and more are answered in this special 2015 reprint, which features intriguing contributions from researchers like Jim Moseley, Dennis Pilichis, Fred Beck, Janet and Colin Bord, Brent Raynes, Stan Gordon, Roger Patterson, Justin Smeja, Jeffery Pritchett, Dr. Ogden Pearl, and William S. Burroughs.

"Sticks a big finger in the guns of Bigfoot hunters everywhere..." -Chip Plescher, "Mind Cemetery" Radio

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