Thursday, January 22, 2015

Investigating the Oklahoma Octopus

"Just a few days ago, while doing a late night radio show, I was asked a question that seldom comes my way. It went something like this: 'Is there anything you haven’t investigated and written a book on, but that you would like to?' Well, there are lots of things which fall into that category, not surprisingly! One of the things that really stands out for me, however, is the weird saga of what has become known as 'The Oklahoma Octopus.'

"It’s a deeply strange story that is very much dominated by myth, folklore, and urban legend, but which just might have at its heart a genuine mystery of cryptozoological proportions. It’s also a saga on which I have a lot of data, leads, sources, and information, all of which need filtering and investigating in-depth – and all of which, incidentally, I am doing right now for a book project."

Those are the opening two paragraphs to one of my latest Mysterious Universe articles...

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  1. Mysterious Universe article was great, Nick. It's a bit strange that a cryptid is seen in a lake with the same name as another cryptid... a book on the Oklahoma Octopus sounds really interesting, too!