Friday, February 20, 2015

The Absurdities of Cryptozoology

The title of this post is the subject of my latest Mysterious Universe article, which starts like this:

"Now, before anyone starts complaining or ranting, the title of this article – “The Absurdities of Cryptozoology” – is most definitely not an attack on cryptozoology. The subject is, without doubt, one that I am particularly fascinated by – and which I have been fascinated by since my first trip to Loch Ness, Scotland, at the age of six. So, quit yapping before you even start.

"As for those absurdities, they revolve around aspects of the phenomenon that are not addressed anywhere near enough, and which lead me to believe that so many of the so-called cryptids that populate our planet are actually things that should be investigated by people with a deep knowledge of the world of the paranormal, the supernatural, and the occult, and not just zoology or cryptozoology. I’ll begin with the beasts of the aforementioned Loch Ness..."


  1. I viewed your video about the forthcoming Glen Rose event, and noted a mention of the Goat Man. I just moved back to Fort Worth after 30 years away; I did not know the legend had been carried forward after the creature's "active" years in the 60s. That's when my friends and I used to drive/trudge around Greer Island, before entry was regulated, at all times of the night, looking for him. I never saw him, but knew people who did. A few years later, though, I met the man who was most likely responsible for the majority of the incidents. He didn't admit it to me, but friends in his inner circle copped to the truth. He is still living, although no longer in the area. He's a big guy, and had a fertile mind for dreaming up mischief, and evidently cooked up some choice capers to scare other young cryptid hunters such as myself. I was rather disappointed to hear it explained away. Cheers, L.F. Thornton P.S. I have enjoyed following your research since I discovered your work a couple of years ago.

  2. Cool, thanks! Is there a way to get more info on the guy?

  3. Good article. I was wonder if some of the cryptids reported may just be a different spin on the same creature. Example skunk ape same species as Bigfoot.

  4. I love this article so much, I agree with it completely and I have an idea as well about some cryptids/paranormal creatures. My idea is that many cryptids are one of the same. Such as the legend of the wendigo and the legend of the melon head creatures that are said to be in my home state of CT, (they are also known to be found in other parts of the USA where the Algonquin tribes lived) I have more info and feel free to email me if interested

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you for emailing me, i sent you an email of my notes on the subject of wendigos and melon heads. :) I was super excited when I got your email and I hope you found my ideas interesting.

  6. I just sent you an email Liz, very interesting!