Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Teggie Terror in Lake Bala

Over at Mysterious Universe, I profile "Teggie," the resident lake-monster of Lake Bala, North Wales. Here's how it begins...

"Deep in the heart of North Wales there exists a large expanse of water called Lake Bala. You may say, well, there’s nothing particularly strange about that. You would be correct. Lake Bala is not out of the ordinary, in the slightest. But what is rumored to dwell in its dark depths most assuredly is out of the ordinary. Lake Bala is – allegedly! – the domain of a violent lake monster called Teggie. Maybe, it’s a giant pike. Or, is the story born out of secret, military experiments? It all very much depends on who you ask.

"Before we get to Teggie, it’s worth noting that within Lake Bala there lurks a creature called the Gwyniad. It can hardly be termed a monster, as it’s just a small fish. But there is one issue concerning the Gwyniad that does have a bearing upon the matter of Teggie."

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