Thursday, October 15, 2015

MIB: Nothing to do with "the Government"

Over at Jim Harold's site, there's a new article from me on why the Men in Black are clearly not "government agents."

It starts like this:

"On the night of September 28, I was interviewed for 3-hours on Art Bell’s show, Midnight in the Desert. The subject of the Q&A was my new book, Men in Black: Personal Stories & Eerie Encounters. It was an interview which provoked a great deal of feedback and a number of previously unheard of encounters and confrontations with the MIB.

"What I found particularly notable, however, was the fact that four of the people who contacted me after the show ended took issue with one particular matter I brought up time and again. As one of them worded it,' You stubbornly tell your readers the Men in Black are not Black-Ops.' He continued: 'When you promote the Men in Black being paranormal you’re so far away from it.' 'It' meaning 'the truth,' I assume.

"Well, no, actually, I’m not. At all. His words, however, did get me thinking about the way in which so many people interpret the MIB phenomenon."


  1. I am almost finished with the book, "Men in Black, Personal stories. One author spoke of entities coming through worm holes or "portals". (This is something I received through automatic writing.) I believe the Men in Black, do manipulate us through mind control & most humans have not yet mastered this ability. Definitely this buggers are ALIEN.
    I have been studying this UFO phenomena since the 70s, and there is loads of synchronicity. When I was in College, my friend saw me reading "Incident at Exiter" about Betty and Barney Hills abduction. He approached me and asked if I liked the book, I replied, "yes". They he told me his father was a UFO investigator, his name? Stanton Freidman. (This was in the early 70's, before he was famous.)
    I have always been interested in ESP, and have some unusual Natural abilities. I remember as a child my father invited a man over for dinner. They mentioned that this guy was going on a Mission to the moon. Who was that guy? ...Edgar Mitchell who now does research into the realm of ESP.
    I also was involved with a group of Abducties through Whitley Strieber, until things went HORRIBLY wrong. Some idiot infiltrated the group, went public, then the organizers disbanded the group. I hesitate to go into full detail because this is a public forum. However, you can contact me at Facebook. Believe me, I have left out the best parts... Wait!! A knock at the door ?? (Hope it's not the infamous MEN IN BLACK!)
    Look forward to hearing from you.... Lea Zand

  2. Love your book Nick...also “Walking Among Us” by Dr David Jacobs….
    Many stories from his case-studies suggest there is an integration program of what Dr Jacobs refers to as “Hubrids” into our society…these beings pass as 100% human in appearance, but lack many social skills and cultural knowledge of day to day human life (at the present time) and rely upon their human teachers whom were formally abductees during the earlier stages of the “Alien” program.

    Hubrids posses many traits we don’t, those mainly being the ability to somehow exert neurological control over us when deemed necessary…the ability to use “mind-control” and insert “screen-memories” (for more detailed information one must read his book).

    According to the overwhelming majority of both Dr Jacobs and Bud Hopkins (R.I.P) case-studies, these abductees are coerced into aiding a terrifying resettlement agenda of the hubrids into our cities all over the world.

    I recall Richard Dolan reciting an experience of a personal friend of his (Lisa), who had embarked on a train journey between Stratford-upon-Avon and Swansea, she claims to have had an extremely odd experience on the coach she was travelling on (, this almost confirms to me that maybe there is something to the idea of an integration program.

    All of the abductees talk now of something called “the change” or “when the change comes” and how they have some sort of roll to play, even though they aren’t sure what that is. My final shock came when I read about an event in “Walking Among Us” where a group of hubrids get into a tight and potentially violent situation with some young teenagers in a park for acting oddly…this was avoided by the hubrids exerting neurological “control” not only over their potential assailants but also the observing witnesses…this according to the abductee took some effort “collectively”…Now this is my point in putting this scatter gun of thoughts down here, consider this, more hubrids more abilities that would form a “Neural-Network” of control collectively…and maybe that is one of their ultimate goals, planetary acquisition by stealth…and as for us? Well I’m not much about the “love and light” side of ufology…for very personal reasons that I don’t wish to get into…