Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Nessie" - Coming in September

Coming from Llewellyn Publications in September of this year is my book, Nessie: Exploring the Supernatural Origins of the Loch Ness Monster. As the sub-title suggests, this is not a book that makes a case for the creatures of the loch being surviving plesiosaurs! Nope, it's way stranger than that...

Here's the publisher's info on Nessie:

"Deep in the black-as-ink waters of Loch Ness lurks a long-necked, hump-backed monster known as Nessie―a legendary creature that has fascinated the world for many decades. Presenting an in-depth study, complete with supernatural theories, historical data, hot spots, photographs, and more, Nessie is a must-have for anyone interested in the Loch Ness Monster. Join Nick Redfern on a fascinating journey into the supernatural origins of Nessie, exploring ideas that go far beyond normal. Since the first sighting, the creature has been steeped in the world of supernatural strangeness. Discover how Nessie is connected to the occult, the surprisingly dark first-hand encounters, other mysterious monsters that live in Loch Ness, and much more."


  1. Can't this come out before September? :) I want to read this now, it looks like a great book!!!

  2. LOL, unfortunately not, Em! It's down to the publisher's schedule.

  3. Ok, if you say so Nick :) I'll try to just be patient I guess LOL!!

    1. Llewellyn will also be publishing Ken Gerhard's new crypto book on the same day :)

  4. Well thank you for giving me some things to look forward to, even if they are "forever away"
    lol :)

  5. I've got lots of crypto books to get in September! Looking forward to this one and The Monster Book, Nick... and Gerhard's new one as well!