Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Roswell UFO: My New Book

Back in 2005, I wrote a book called Body Snatchers In The Desert. It was a study of the Roswell, New Mexico "UFO Crash" of 1947.

As many people know, although I fully believe there is a real UFO phenomenon, I am not convinced that aliens crashed at Roswell. I suspect some kind of secret experiment - with a human crew - is the likely answer.

When Body Snatchers was published, it provoked a huge amount of controversy, and for a while I was Public Enemy Number 1 in Ufology! Not that I cared. People ranted and screamed, and I returned the rants with a middle-finger. It was an interesting and memorable few months of debate online, on radio shows, and in magazines! 

Well, now there is the sequel to Body Snatchers, which will be published around a month from now - and with the 70th anniversary of the crash coming in July.

Time to get ready for more controversy...


  1. Sounds awesome Nick!! I fully support you on this issue too!!!

  2. Will you be able to get through Amazon and/ or Barnes and Noble?

  3. I have both books. Just finished body snatchers today