Thursday, May 31, 2018

New Articles...

1. A 1950s saga/mystery of an out of place animal in Texas.

2. A Diary of the Damned (about my new book, The Black Diary).

3. UK Government Files on UFOs.

4. Mysterious Fireballs in U.S. skies in the 1940s.

5. When Governments Spy on Ufologists.


  1. This is true, I experienced the breath of this force myself when I approached it too much while dealing with UFOs, etc.

  2. Concerning article 5 above, do you believe you are or have been monitored by the government yourself? Being such a prolific writer on fringe topics, if they aren't tracking you, the rest of us are safe!

    1. In my opinion, Nick publishes books, articles, so the government has got him ready and spying makes no sense?

  3. Hey Laurie, Probably to a degree, yeah!

  4. Crazy what our tax dollars pay for, if it is the government doing the stalking and not someone or something else. Would you share more about the nature of how you feel you're being watched? Weird John Keel type phone calls, perhaps? Every time I hear odd noises on the line, I think of him.

  5. Hey Laurie

    Yeah, I would still continue to write, do radio, lecture etc, regardless. I have had a few weird experiences that lead me to believe I have been watched, but I guess that's how it goes in this territory!

  6. In my experience when I talked on the subject of the demonic aspect by phone, I admit that it was either breaking the connection or hearing the strange sounds of Nick in Poland too, there are meetings with MIB and other quirks in the US, they know nothing about the pity ...