Wednesday, August 29, 2018

From The Anomalist...

August 27

Nick Redfern begins an intrigue-laden trilogy about hush-hush U.K. attention towards UFOs--and towards those others similarly interested. Here Nick introduces the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Great Britain's National Security Agency equivalent, and one Robin Cole, head of investigations for the Gloucestershire UFO Group. Cole's 1997 report on the GCHQ/UFO connection apparently got him into trouble even before it was published. And maybe that was because Cole's research uncovered GCHQ concern about dramatic military/UFO encounters like the one Nick recounts here. The plot thickens in Nick's GCHQ and UFO Secrets, with an account of a sighting over GCHQ itself. Its security guard witnesses were threatened by their superiors after the story broke. And in Surveillance, Saucers and Spies Nick describes the "trouble" local investigator Cole got into, along with an almost comical account of how Cole was given the photograph gracing the front cover of his GCHQ and the UFO Cover-Up. (WM)

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