Thursday, February 6, 2020

Beyond The Fray: Bigfoot - A New Book On Sasquatch

What you see above are the front and back covers of the new book from Shannon LeGro. Its full title: Beyond the Fray: Bigfoot. Shannon very generously mailed me a review copy of the book a couple of weeks ago. And, I'm very pleased she did! This is an excellent study of the Bigfoot phenomenon; a book that really stands out. There's a very good reason as to why this is an important book. Over the years, numerous books have been written on the subject of Bigfoot. I should know, I've written three books on the subject, LOL! Beyond the Fray: Bigfoot is not your average Sasquatch-themed book, however. I'll explain why.

Most books on the subject of Bigfoot focus on the history of the mystery, old case-files, theories for what the creatures might be, and controversial photos. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, it's all vital if we are to solve the puzzle. With her new book, however, Shannon has done something slightly different (but much needed too). What she has done is to let the witnesses themselves tells their stories - and without any interruption whatsoever. As I note in the "Praise for Beyond the Fray" section of the book: "Shannon LeGro's new book is almost unique, in the sense that it is 100 percent focused on incredible eyewitness testimony. Shannon gets right to the heart of what it means to see a Bigfoot!"

The opening chapter comes from a man named David. His account is significantly different to many cases. A lot of people in the field of Cryptozoology take the view that the Bigfoot creatures are largely gentle animals. David, however, quickly came to the conclusion that his life was potentially in danger, when it came to his encounter. In his own words: "...had I remained there, things more than likely would have taken a violent turn."

Ever had a Bigfoot in your gun-sights? Probably not! That's not the case for Kris, though, who found himself in that very situation while hunting in Wisconsin. The story is a tense one, to say the least. Moving on, you don't hear too much about Bigfoot in Nevada. But, Shannon shares with us just such a notable case. Add to that, an account of a Dogman and one of a Dire Wolf, and you have an incredible body of data of the monstrous type. I should stress this is just the start of things: Beyond the Fray: Bigfoot is packing with absorbing - and sometimes chilling - accounts of face to face encounters with a Bigfoot. Or maybe even more than one. This book is not just vital for Bigfoot enthusiasts. It also demonstrates how encounters with the creatures so often change lives forever.

With that all said, here - below - is the information on the book from the publisher:

"Be mindful of what lies beyond the wood line." 
It’s argued that the recent search for Bigfoot officially began on September 21, 1958, when journalist, Andrew Genzoli of the Humboldt Times, featured a letter from a reader about loggers in Northern California concerning large footprints they’d found at a work site. What began as a fun article turned into an almost instant national sensation and since stories of the elusive creature have poured in, not just from California and the Pacific Northwest, but from around the world.

BEYOND THE FRAY: BIGFOOT features some of these personal eyewitness accounts and terrifying encounters, most taken from the transcripts of the popular podcast, INTO THE FRAY.  These stories are unique and scary. They will leave you wondering what this creature is and will no doubt give you pause before you cross the wood line and enter the woods.

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