Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Cats of Cannock

"In 2009 the Express and Star newspaper reported that an expert, who had been advising the police about the existence of big cats in England’s woodland's, said that he believed Puma's have been breeding on Cannock Chase since the 1940's, and again dubbed the area a hotspot. The article went on to state that, only a few weeks previously a deer had been found dead, after having been dragged into a ditch, with two puncture holes to the neck – trademark signs of a big cat attack. Also, another man from the village of Norton Canes had stumbled upon, and subsequently taken photographs of, a huge paw-print within a week or two of the incident, which measured at an astonishing 5 by 6 inches."
The above-quote is taken from the latest article by Lee Brickley, who has a great blog: Paranormal Cannock Chase. 

Sightings of large cats on the Chase have been reported for decades, and here's where you can find Lee's complete post...

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