Friday, May 31, 2013

The Return of Operation Trojan Horse

"Way back in 1970, one of the most important UFO-themed books ever published was unleashed upon the world. Its title: Operation Trojan Horse. Its author was John Keel, perhaps most noted for his later classic, The Mothman Prophecies. Like all of Keel’s book’s, Operation Trojan Horse polarized (and continues to polarize) readers into two definitive camps: (a) those who believed that Keel was onto something that got very close to what lies at the heart of the UFO puzzle; and (b) those who believed that the words Keel wrote bordered upon ufological heresy."


"The latter group was comprised of those souls whose mindset was wholly dominated by the theory (and, yes, a theory is all it is) that UFOs have extraterrestrial origins. For many of them, Keel’s attempts to rewrite ufological history and lore were downright outrageous and dangerous. Those with far more refreshingly open minds, and ones not tainted by the “I want to believe” factor, gave the man the fair hearing he deserved. So, why am I mentioning all this – and a 43-year-old book – today?"

The quotes above are taken from my new Mysterious Universe article, which focuses on a brand new edition of Keel's book, and which is now available. If you haven't read OTH, you have no excuse now!

PS: That's Keel, above, pictured with good mate, Greg Bishop.

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