Thursday, April 17, 2014

Policing the Paranormal

Think the MIB only take an interest in UFOs? It's time to think again.

My new Mysterious Universe article tackles this very issue and starts like this...

"Over the years, I have written extensively on the mystery of the Men in Black and their deep and longstanding connections to the UFO phenomenon. There is, however, one MIB-themed issue that I have not publicly focused on to a significant degree – even though I have a mountain of relevant reports. It concerns those cases of the paranormal kind that involve the MIB, but where there is a zero connection to the UFO mystery.

"That’s right: contrary to what many people might think or assume, the MIB don’t just silence or threaten people who have had profound UFO experiences. Rather, the MIB are all over the paranormal map like a nasty rash. Indeed, you can find them in the realms of cryptozoology, alchemy, poltergeist-based phenomena, Ouija-boards and more."

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