Thursday, April 24, 2014

Werecat Weirdness

Every few months I do an article for New Page Books' Creature of the Month column. And my latest has just been published. I have written about some weird shit in my time, but this has to be near the top of the list: Britain's Werecats...

But that's not all: I wrote and submitted the article to New Page Books last Friday. One day later, Saturday, I took a drive into Dallas to visit a second-hand bookstore I like to check out now and again.

It was while scanning the shelves containing old 1950s-era detective novels (my favorite type of novels) that I caught sight of the spine of a book titled Secret Society, written by Dillibe Onyeama.

I picked the book up and was amazed to see that the novel was about an African cult of "Leopard Men" that embark on a violent killing spree in London, England!

Were-Leopards are a staple part of the overall Werecat phenomenon

How weird is that? I write an article on Werecats in the UK, and then barely twenty-four hours later I stumble on a novel on Werecats in the UK!

The picture below shows me holding the novel (I snapped it up for a dollar):

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