Thursday, November 22, 2012

A British Bigfoot: In Kent...

From Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, Bigfoot in Kent:

And here's an extract from the article, to give you an idea of what's afoot:

"It is an historic and quaint 'middle England' town which doesn't really like creating a scene. But if the reports of one terrified walker are to be believed, the residents of Royal Tunbridge Wells could have a giant Bigfoot-like creature in their midst. A man walking in the woods beside the town's common claims to have spotted an 8ft tall beast with demonic red eyes and long arms."

Cases like this abound all across Britain, but, even the most cursory of studies of cases like this make it very clear that the British Bigfoot is not a flesh and blood beast, but something far stranger.

I'll very soon have more words to say about the British Bigfoot. In fact, about 120,000 of them...

Keep watching this space...


  1. Sadly a non-event, that comesf rom a story posted on the CFZ regarding an alleged although vague incident from several deacdes ago. This suggests to me either a hoax, eye witness misinterpretation or a gorilla may have been on the loose after an area was bombed out. The last option extremely unlikely because the 'common' in mention is just a thin strip of woodland frequented daily by people. This story came from an article I contributed to for a Kent-based paper, and somehow when The Sun and Daily Mail got hold of it, bingo...suddenly Bigfoot was on the loose!