Thursday, August 27, 2015

Animals Seen on UFOs

This new article from me is on a subject that doesn't get touched upon too often. Perhaps because it's a seriously weird subject! Here's how it starts...

"At his UFO Conjecture(s) blog, Rich Reynolds has a very interesting recent article titled: “UFO sightings with creatures having octopus-like appendages.” The title is, of course, self-explanatory. But it got me thinking about something similar: the significant number of UFO reports I have on file in which strange and out of place animals appear to play significant parts."

"We’ll start with a famous UFO abduction/contactee incident from 1980. It’s an incident that occurred in the pre-dawn hours of a November morning, in the old English town of Todmorden, Yorkshire. The witness was a then-serving policeman, Alan Godfrey. His experience – of seeing a UFO-style craft on a stretch of road, of being taken on-board the craft, and of having interaction with various entities – is a complex one."

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