Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Problem of the British Bigfoot: Food

Been busy on deadlines for the past week, which is why there hasn't been much going on here. But, back to normal now. And so there are a few new things to post, including a Mysterious Universe article on Bigfoot in Britain - which is a very controversial issue and which is clearly not a flesh and blood animal. Which is the point of the article. It starts like this:

"For centuries reports have surfaced from numerous parts of the UK of what can only be described as 'wild men' and 'British Bigfoot.' The cases are problematic because the idea that such things could exist in the UK is utterly ridiculous. The size (or, rather, the lack of size) of the UK dictates that entire colonies of huge apes simply cannot live alongside around 60 million people and never get identified, uncovered, or killed. And we should note too that there is nothing – at all – in the fossil record to show that the UK has ever been the home of apes of gorilla-size and upwards.

"What makes the story even more problematic is that the vast majority of the people who claim to have encountered such things in the UK come across as very lucid, normal, and down to earth. They just want an answer to what it was they encountered. In other words, we have credible people talking about incredible things that simply cannot exist. At least, not in the UK they can’t. So, people are definitely seeing something; I do want to stress that. In previous articles and books, however, I have made my position clear that I think Bigfoot is a creature of paranormal proportions."

Here's the article.

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