Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thought-Forms and a Giant Spider

"Is it possible that the human mind has the ability to create strange forms of life that can act independently of the creator? It’s an intriguing question. For those who are unaware of the concept, it goes as follows. We all possess the powers and skills to imagine something into life. Providing we learn how to do so, of course. This gets to the heart of what are known as thought-forms.

"Imagine, for example, focusing your mind on a large, marauding werewolf with glowing red eyes.
Across days, weeks, and even months, you visualize it – in your mind – getting stronger, and more and more “real” by the day. Finally, the monster becomes so powerful that it breaks free of your mind. In a strange and still-poorly-understood fashion the chains of the mind are gone and the beast suddenly materializes in the real world. Your werewolf – admittedly, in an odd state of what passes for reality – is now on the loose, and possibly even out of your control. There are numerous such reports of people creating thought-forms and later wishing they had left matters well alone.

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