Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"It Defies Language!" Reviewed

At Mysterious Universe I review Greg Bishop's new book, It Defies Language!

Here's how the review starts:

Back in 2006, Greg Bishop and I were invited to take part in a new venture of the ufological kind. It went by the name of UFOMystic. Basically, it was a website where me and Greg were given free rein to write about whatever crossed our minds, providing it was on the subject of UFOs. And, for several years, we did exactly that – and pretty much on a daily basis, too. Our content ranged from reviews to articles, and news items to lengthy features, the latter sometimes split over a couple of days. But, as is the case with all things, UFOMystic ultimately came to an end and the site was closed down. Now, however, it’s back, in book format. The title: It Defies Language! Essays on UFOs and Other Weirdness.

When, some months ago, Greg called to let me know he had secured the rights to all of his old UFOMystic material, I told him that was great news. It’s still great news! Over the several years that Greg wrote for the site, we got to see some of his best, most thought-provoking, work. Collectively, it challenged the reader to confront new and radical concepts when it came to the UFO enigma. It offered alternative scenarios for classic cases. But, most important of all, it made people think outside of what passes for the ufological box. And to think carefully, too.

That's me and Greg, 2014, in California.


  1. Looks like an interesting book. I'll have to get it sometime!

  2. Hiya Nick. The book's finally up on Amazon (UK and US) so I've just bought it. All the best, K.