Saturday, March 5, 2016

King Arthur - New Book

If you're into the story of King Arthur, there's a new book on the subject, which I highlight over at Mysterious Universe. Here's the link, and here's how the article begins:

For those with an interest in the tales and accounts of King Arthur, there’s a new book on the subject coming very soon. The legendary King Arthur has been identified with a real historical ruler – and he was not from the traditional locations of Cornwall, England or Wales. Instead, he governed in the north. That’s the verdict of a new book entitled Pennine Dragon: The Real King Arthur of the North.

Author Simon Keegan, 36, a journalist for 19 years, has researched the ancient texts and says he can prove Arthur was from the Lancashire-Yorkshire, England area. And the timing could not be more fitting, as 2016 is the 1,500th anniversary of Arthur’s “Waterloo” – the Battle of Badon in which he defeated the Saxons in 516AD and stopped their invasion for a generation.

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