Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Women in Black - Contents

A bit more insight on my forthcoming book, Women in Black: The Creepy Companions of the Mysterious M.I.B. 

Here's the table of contents, with chapter titles to give you an idea of the story:

Chapter 1: “He saw a lady in black in his bedroom at night”
Chapter 2: “They are surely the saucer people you told us about”
Chapter 3: “We talked for hours about traveling in space and time”
Chapter 4: “It was as if she were dead”
Chapter 5: “A sinister group of pale-faced women”
Chapter 6: “She was black. Her skin was black, her body was black, the
wings were black; everything was black”
Chapter 7: “Whatever that young woman did to me, it was like being in a
Chapter 8: “Her skin was very pale, and of an unusually smooth texture”
Chapter 9: “The sky is very clear tonight”
Chapter 10: “They wore long black cloaks”
Chapter 11: “Rambling wolves seeking whom they can devour”
Chapter 12: “We would urge everyone to be vigilant”
Chapter 13: “I didn’t want to get bitten”
Chapter 14: “This thing he is doing with UFOs, tell him to stop it, right away”
Chapter 15: “Late at night the attic became a creepy place”
Chapter 16: “May I come in?”
Chapter 17: “It was a hideous-looking woman dressed in black”
Chapter 18: “I used to apprentice as an embalmer, and I swear that woman
smelled just like formalin”
Chapter 19: “The scene shows a large woman dressed in black”
Chapter 20: “Maybe they decided it was too far advanced for people”
Chapter 21: “This scary-looking woman was tall and thin, had a face
powdered white”
Chapter 22: "I have never felt such fear in my life”
Chapter 23: “There was something ‘off’ about them”
Chapter 24: “I had a very strange feeling when I saw the woman”
Chapter 25: “She shrank from him with a hissing sound”
Chapter 26: “The woods are avoided after dusk”
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  1. This post is literally making my day!!! :)
    So excited to read it!!

  2. The Grimm TV series is a revealer of the many demonic presences around us
    And does have an episode ( year 1, episode 22) about a lady in black.