Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Men In Black - 20 Years Later

In a new article at Mysterious Universe, I highlight (A) the looming 20th anniversary of the release of the movie Men in Black; and (B) the differences between the Hollywood MIB and the real ones...

You can find the article here, and below is an extract:

July 2 of this year will mark the 20th anniversary of the release of the movie Men in Black, which starred Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Fiorentino, and Rip Torn. It was an incredibly successful movie that pulled in close to $600 Million in box-office takings. Men in Black II surfaced in 2002 and made a more than respectable profit, and the third movie in the series – Men in Black 3 – did even better, with box-office figures reaching more than $620 Million. Based on Lowell Cunningham’s comic book series, Men in Black, the movies most definitely brought the MIB of UFO lore to the attention of millions of people – and all around the world. The movies did something else, too: they cemented in the minds of most people the image that the MIB are the operatives of a highly secret agency which is buried deep within the heart of the U.S. Government. The reality, however, is very different.

Of course, the three Men in Black movies are meant purely as entertainment for the whole family – which they certainly are. But, when it comes to the real Men in Black, matters are much darker. In fact, way darker. And, I’m not talking about the color of the suits. It’s ironic that the movies portrayed the Men in Black as what we might term “ufological 007’s,” as the “secret agent” angle is actually the most unlikely explanation for the MIB.


  1. Has it really been 20 years?!?! I was like 15 yrs old when that movie came out :)
    Thanks Nick, for making me feel my age, lol.

  2. Re: MIB
    In writing on my own experiences as a film/tv documentarian in relation to the lunar question as a fiction based on facts novel [Lightning On The Moon], I have had a good number of negative greetings over the years. The most recent, here in New Orleans, involved a visit to the landlord of my former residence by two suited, sketchy types who were looking for me, reasons never given. The landlord shooed them off, saying he hadn't seen me in years. They returned fifteen minutes later with a picture of me, which he verified was me. In my questioning him about the incident several times since, he claimed 'they smelled like Feds', cold, expressionless with clammy complexions. He claimed to have asked them who they were with. They turned and walked off. The subject of the book is, the lunar reality, is, of course, quite controversial. I once had Jodie Foster's dad, who was one of the founders of the USAF after WWII, tell me to 'stay away from this', only to later encourage me to go for it...just another strange MIB story...woldrob@gmail.com

  3. Very interesting, thanks Robert!

  4. Your work in this area has helped many (like me) to know that we are not crazy. I have a distinct memory of two MIBs in our living room, speaking to my parents who both sat frightened on the couch, when I was a child which has haunted me over the years. My dad was a civilian employee at a local air force base. As an older adult now, I had an unsettling experience of seeing what appeared to be one MIB around 3 a.m. a few years ago when I was taking my trash out - he was wearing what appeared to be mirrored sunglasses and was peering at me from behind a doorway. Please continue your work - so many want answers and hope that someday all of this will make sense.

  5. Thanks Buffalo, very interesting!