Tuesday, June 20, 2017

MJ12: The New Documents, Motivations and Theories

There's a new article from me at Mysterious Universe, which looks at the various motivations behind the latest bullshit-filled MJ12 documents...

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  1. Great article Nick really great and valid points. While I find the possibilities fascinating I have some very very big concerns about the legitimacy of these documents. While it's great Stanton T Friedmen is looking into this. I cant help but feel rather suspicious. Consider!
    I tend to be very skeptical of these in part while I admire Stanton T Friedman efforts on behalf of ufology. I however cannot easily forget was it not William Leonard Moore who helped circulate the mj12 documents with Friedmen and Jaime Shandera? And was it not also William Leonard Moore who At a 1989 MUFON conference, claimed that he had been engaged in "disinformation" activities against Paul Bennewitz? Which more or less ruined the man's life. And was it not William Leonard Moor working with Richard Doty a disinformation agent? To me this makes those documents highly suspect as well as the players involved.. more so to some extent with Friedmans involvement during the original circulation and his involvement now. whether or not Stanton was in the know of William Leonard Moore being a disinformation agent or not doesn't help his case. Especially considering The concept of "Majestic 12"
    To me it doesn't add to the credibility and makes me highly suspicious while if true it would be great i'm not going to hold my breath. I tend to feel it may be a case of these die hard Roswell researchers are desperate to be able to present something to validate the year's they've spent looking or perhaps its motivated as a hoax or a gag or a money grab or simply because they feel they wasted alot of time?