Friday, June 23, 2017

MJ12, Documents & UFO Disclosure

I'm not sure how many more articles I can write on the latest (and 100 percent bogus) MJ12 documents, but here's the latest. It's probably not the last one from me on this subject, but it's surely getting to the end. I hope.

Here's where you can find the article.

And, here's how it begins:

All of the recent talk about the ridiculous/ludicrous latest batch of Majestic 12 documents has me thinking about a question I was asked, by several people, when the documents first surfaced last week. The question was: is this finally the start of disclosure? My answer: Is it ***K! Let’s get a few things straight. If someone on the inside wants to initiate some form of disclosure (with official sanction or as a rogue individual), then they could most certainly do a hell of a lot better than teasing us with that latest pile of stinking, steaming, fly-infested puke. An interview with an alien who talks just like we do and who loves trees? If that’s the best that a person wanting disclosure can come up with – hippie tree-huggers from the stars (who probably like acoustic guitars and beards) – then God help us all. What the hell will be next? A revelation that the once-Strawberry-Ice-Cream-loving ETs have now moved onto chocolate-chip?


  1. I hope Heather Wade is reading this.

  2. Yep, she has seen all my articles on the documents.

  3. I guess I don't like the way DMDN and MITD is promoting them as an EXCLUSIVE, top secret thing that only Heather Wade has. And the silly disclaimer that says if you mention the documents you must include Heather Wade in the credit. In other words almost claiming a copyright on them. The documents are obviously, ridiculously, and unquestionably FAKE, and they know it. To me, anyone who promotes this like HW is doing, is doing a dis-service to real researchers