Friday, September 25, 2015

A Crashed UFO and Telephone Weirdness

That's the title of a new article from me, which focuses on a particularly strange UFO affair that I got caught up in, close to 20 years ago. A very, very odd saga...

Here's how it starts:

"Back in 1991, UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield published his then-latest of many reports on crashed UFOs. I had read all of Stringfield’s earlier reports, booklets and books, but this one stood out for me. The reason being that it referenced the alleged crash of a UFO, in 1964. The location was an area of woodland and fields near the Staffordshire, England market-town of Penkridge. It’s a town only a short drive from where I grew up as a kid. At the time, however, I was down in the south of England, in Harlow, Essex. But, I made a note to look into the affair next time I was back in the Staffordshire area.

"As for Stringfield’s story, it was an intriguing one. Unfortunately, and as was the case with so many of Stringfield’s informants, the name of the person who provided the story was not listed. Or, rather, it was, but in the form of a pseudonym: 'S.M. Brannigan.' According to the story, back in early 1964 'Brannigan' was serving in the US military aboard '…a specially rigged LST, a flagship that was attached to a naval amphibious force at an unspecified point in either the Caribbean or the Atlantic…'"

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