Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Government Files on Alien Abductees?

That's my new Mysterious Universe article...

Here's how it starts:

"Over the years, I have heard more than a few stories suggesting that agencies of various governments – including the UK and the US – have extensive background files on alien-abductees. Such a thing is not as far out as the skeptics might think. After all, back in the 1950s the FBI opened files on numerous and well-known figures in the UFO Contactee field.

"Under Freedom of Information legislation I obtained the FBI’s files on such Contactees as Dr. Frank Stranges, George Van Tassel, Truman Bethurum, George Adamski, and George Hunt Williamson. I also have the British Police Force’s Special Branch files on George King and the Aetherius Society. Granted, the primary reason why the Contactees were watched was not because of their UFO claims. Rather, it was because many of their claims were peppered with matters relative to politics, communism, and the Russians. And when the Cold War was in full swing, too."

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