Friday, September 25, 2015

UFO Deaths on June 24, Pt. 2

Here's part-2 of my article on UFO deaths on Ufology's most famous date (June 24).

And here's how part-2 starts:

"Part-1 of this article introduced you to a varied body of deaths in the field of Ufology, all of which occurred on one specific date. That date was June 24. Way back in 1947, June 24 was the date on which Kenneth Arnold had his now near-legendary UFO encounter at Mt. Rainier, Washington, State. It was an encounter that gave birth to the Flying Saucer phenomenon. And with that said, let’s now continue with our look at ufological deaths on June 24, which began – in part-1 – with Frank Scully, Ernest Arthur Bryant, Richard Church, and Frank Edwards.

"Willy Ley was a German-American science-writer, engineer, the founder of the German Rocket Society, and someone who was very interested in UFOs and alien life. As one example of many, in 1958 he wrote an article for Science Digest titled “What Will ‘Space People’ Look Like?” NASA notes of Ley: 'The German expatriate Willy Ley, had worked with some of the builders of the V-2 personally and had described his experiences, and their hopes, in his book Rockets, Missiles, and Space Travel. The first version, titled Rockets, appeared in May 1944, just months before the first firings of the V-2 as a weapon. Hence, this book proved to be very timely. His publisher, Viking Press, issued new printings repeatedly, while Ley revised it every few years, expanding both the text and the title to keep up with fast-breaking developments.'

"Willy Ley died on June 24, 1969."

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