Monday, September 28, 2015

The Curious Caper of the Charlton Crater

That's the title of my latest Mysterious Universe article.

Here's how part-1 starts:

"It’s an odd and near-surreal affair that occurred more than 50 years ago. And it’s something that most of Ufology has forgotten about. It is, as the title of this article demonstrates, the curious caper of the Charlton Crater. It was the very early morning of July 16, 1963 when things began and that went on to attract significant attention for a couple of months. The location: Manor Farm, Charlton, Wiltshire, England. Leonard Joliffe was the man who kicked off the controversy: he claimed to have heard a loud explosion somewhere nearby, something which had him puzzled and worried. He was not the only person to suggest something weird was afoot.

"A local policeman had seen something unknown and brightly lit crossing the skies over Charlton.
Then, when darkness gave way to daylight, a man named Reginald Alexander discovered something not unlike a crater at Manor Farm, in a potato field. Something had seemingly crashed to Earth or landed. But what was it? A missile? An aircraft? A bomb? Or…might it have been a UFO? Alexander quickly told his boss, farm-owner Roy Blanchard, of what he had found. Blanchard was confronted by a circular area of flattened soil. It was roughly eight-feet in diameter, one-foot deep (and with a deeper depression in the center) and had 'lines' coming out of it which created an impression of something resembling a huge bicycle wheel."



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