Friday, September 4, 2015

Princess Diana and an Alien Big Cat

I've written some weird shit over the years. But this has to be near the top of the list. It's a new, 2-part article from me at Mysterious Universe on the strange and complicated saga of the late Princess Diana and an Alien Big Cat!

Here's an extract from part-1:

"More than a few years ago, Jonathan Downes, of the British-based Center for Fortean Zoology, received a late-night phone call of a very weird and conspiratorial nature. Something which many of us who immerse ourselves in the world of the unexplained can definitely relate to! The man in question – who preferred not to give Downes his name, and for reasons that will soon become very clear – wanted to discuss the controversy surrounding sightings of Britain’s Alien Big Cats. Or, to be absolutely correct, a couple of particular aspects of the ABC phenomenon. One of them was focused upon the alleged shooting of not just one ABC, but several. The other was on a certain, famous, and now dead Royal."

And here's an extract from part-2:

"Part-1 of this article focused on a clandestine conversation that English cryptozoologist, Jon Downes, had a number of years ago with a retired member of the British military. Specifically of the Royal Marines. Downes’ source revealed startling data on his alleged secret knowledge of how, in 1983, the Marines came to locate and kill several so-called Alien Big Cats. And on the private land of an influential, powerful figure living on Exmoor, England. Downes’ informant had another, somewhat related, story to tell. It was an eye-opening and controversial story that involved the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

"Jon Downes’ caller confided in him that in the mid-1980s, and during his career with the Royal Marines, he was part of a unit that was assigned to keep careful and secret watch on the activities of Princess Diana. This makes a great deal of sense, as rumors circulated at the time that she had been targeted for kidnap or assassination by terrorists. This particular surveillance coincided – time-wise – with the period in which Diana’s affair with Major James Hewitt began, in the summer of 1986."

You can find part-1 here and part-2 here.

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  1. I've seen a black cat too. Looking out a tinted bedroom window, after the street lights had just defused and dawn was just breaking on a sunday morning. I was in an 'alterd' state but when I came to, there was a black blob sitting upon a 2.5ft front garden fence, the blob reached about 3.5ft above this fence, which backs onto vast country land and seemed like a black ghost sitting watching out. At this moment when I realised this blob was real I believe there was some sort of mental reaction-in the blob- as my conscious jumped to life, even though I seriously believe it couldn't have seen me, it knew it was now bieng watched from directly ahead. Still sitting on the fence and I not knowing what it was, it shrunk down and then all the way to the ground, with the same motion as one of them spirals that go down the stairs. As the first part hit the ground I noticed what looked like a short black arm at the back and sticking out to my left. It was only at this point I said to my self 'thats a tail its a cat' and sure enough it stretched out low and pawed off to the right, over the freshly moved lawn, revealing its full size, appx 5.5ft from tip to tail, with a lightish brown fur on its back. I think I can catch it again. Next march maybe break of dawn when the world seems dead. Thats when they dare to venture.