Friday, September 11, 2015

The Bizarre Beast(s) of Bodmin

"In my recent two-part article on so-called “Alien Big Cats” (ABCs) and Princess Diana, I made mention of a creature that has become legendary in the field of British-based cryptozoology. It’s infamously known as the Beast of Exmoor. It’s reputed to be a large, savage, black cat of some unknown type, and which is as stealthy as it is deadly. Of the various people who contacted me about the ABC-Diana issue, one asked why I didn’t make mention of a similar ABC known as the Beast of Bodmin. Well, the question was a bit of a puzzle, since the Bodmin critter had no connection to the Diana issue! So, why would I mention it?!

"But, since the person brought up the matter, I figured I would focus on it today, as the story of the Bodmin thing is a very weird one. Whereas the Beast of Exmoor is found in the English county of Devon, the Beast of Bodmin is found in the county on which Devon borders. Namely, Cornwall. But is it just a large black cat and nothing else? There are a couple of very weird stories that suggest the Bodmin creature is actually not a big cat, after all. Or, bizarrely, we may be looking at two very different kinds of creature on the loose. Possibly even three."

Yep, it's another new Mysterious Universe article, and here's the link...

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