Friday, September 11, 2015

Men in Black...Cloaks

"There’s no doubt in my mind that when it comes to the matter of the Men in Black, there is a direct connection between these menacing characters and a wealth of other supernatural phenomena. That includes the Hat-Man, the Shadow People, the Black-Eyed Children, and the Women in Black. All of these entities are definitively sinister in nature and should be avoided at all costs. And, to a degree, they even mirror each other.

"The Black-Eyed Children, for example, parallel the MIB when it comes to trying to find their way into homes, usually late at night. The MIB and the Hat-Man are both known for their old-style fedoras. The Women in Black are the absolute female counterparts of the MIB, even down to the pale, overly-smooth skin. And there are more than a few reports on record of Shadow People wearing fedoras."

That's how one of my new Mysterious Universe articles begins - on the subject of cloak-wearing Men in Black...

The picture above is to my new book on the MIB, available right now in Kindle, and the paperback to appear any time now.

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