Friday, July 18, 2014

UFOs, Project Pandora, MJ12

This is very interesting...

Over at the Department of Defense's website you can find a document that has been declassified via the Freedom of Information Act on the subject of Project Pandora (which, in part, was focused on how microwaves can affect the mind and nervous-system).

It's a fascinating file that dates back to the 1960s.

It's a lengthy file, too: it runs to 469 pages.

But, here's the weird thing...

If you scroll down to page 449, you'll see that it contains a copy of the controversial "MJ12/Eisenhower Briefing Document" on the Roswell affair of 1947!

Of course, as most people within Ufology know, the document is one that has been the subject of much debate regarding its authenticity or otherwise.

Indeed, the copy of the EBD in the Pandora file has a hand-written note on it stating that, "This cannot be authenticated as an official DoD document."

Well, that's fair enough, and something that most people within Ufology would agree with - it has not been authenticated.

But, here's the issue: what is a copy of the EBD doing in a DoD file on Project Pandora...?


  1. Is this for real, the Eisenhower MJ-2 briefing letter is in an actual 1966 document!??? That's freaking crazy!

  2. John, It's important to note that we don't know when the EBD was put in there. It could have been in the late 80s or 1990s, before the Pandora document was declassified.

  3. Firstly, it could be in there purely because someone asked a question at some point, secondly it could be in there because it was a prop used in one of the EDOM / microwave paranoia ray experiments, thirdly given the lawlessness of the bureaucracy now, it could simply be a lulztroll from one of the faceless men of disinformation. Sadly.

  4. This looks like a red herring or misinformation planted after the original document was printed. The Truman signature looks suspiciously identical to one which was used in a fake "MJ12" document as written in the book "Roswell, What They Don't Want You To Know", published by Prometheus Press a few decades ago. Given the fact that there are people in government circles whose job is to plant things in the public mind, this would be a reasonable assumption to make.

  5. Interesting Stuff Nick, I'll share on facebook.

  6. Hello Mr. Redfern.

    The earliest reference to this FOIA document release seems to be 1988. When was the actual date of the FOIA request, do you know?

    Thanks in advance

  7. Unfortunately, I dont know the date of the request, but I would guess that it has to post-date 1988, because it has that marker-writing on it saying not a verifiable document. And the FBI and USAF started putting that disclaimer on their copies in 1988/1989, So, I'm guessing 1989 onwards is when the document was put in the file. But, the big mystery is why someone put it in there...

  8. Thanks for that confirmation. That is what I assumed.

    The first reference that I can find to the release of material on Pandora via FOIA was to US journalist C. Barton Reppert who had pursued the microwave story from the late '70s, key phrase: "Moscow Microwave".

    The article I find associated with Reppert's FOIA release is Washington AP, May 22, 1988, "Looking at the Moscow Signal, the Zapping of an Embassy 35 years later, The Mystery Lingers". I don't have the entire article, and it does not seem that what Reppert got was the big data load we have here. I'm thinking this document is much later than Reppert's find, however I'd quite like to see 100% confirmation of its release date because I've been burned on speculation too many times. It seems he got "14 pages". That doesn't seem to be as big as this, and your reasoning puts the cap on that. Gotta know when it actually was released ...

    Yep, why is EBD in there? Hmmm.

    What's more important to me is that this shows that Doty - the first person to ever mention MJ12 in the Bennewitz material - is not the absolute originator of the legend. Well, we knew that, since he was never busted for forging US documents, thus must have been working under orders.

    What I mean is, this proves that other people in the intel hierarchy knew of or had access to the MJ12 gaffs, since the EBD is included amongst the Pandora material released here - either by error or deliberately as a red herring. Doty couldn't slip that into FOIA material, Moore certainly couldn't. See where I'm going with this? :|

    And if what you say is true, then it is from around the same time that it was being disseminated to the UFO research community by Moore et al.

    This is not substantiation of the historical validity of the briefing document - it may, however, be substantiation of the MJ12 corpus as deliberate disinformation by some faction in US intelligence - long suspected, but never proven.

    C.D. Conrad