Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Area 51: From Goggles to "Foggles."

You may have seen the new story of Area 51 staff - when in certain, sensitive portions of the base - having to wear vision-limiting goggles. They have quickly become known in the media as "foggles."

At a couple of websites the story is being viewed as unlikely or as a hoax, but that's not the case at all. How do I know that? Because I was telling the story as far back as 2006 - and publishing on it, too.

That was when I got the story of the goggles/foggles from a then-retired man who had worked at Area 51 in the early 1970s. And now, thirteen years after he shared what he knew, that man's claims are vindicated.

Here's my story of Area 51's foggles...

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Black Eyed Children, Occultists and Demonologists

What do they all have in common? Take a good look.

The Strange Connection between Crop Circles and "Alien Big Cats"

Another new article, this one on "Alien Big Cats" (or "ABCs" as they are known) and their weird connections to Crop Circles.

Reviewing "The Lake Michigan Mothman"

There's a new book out now on Mothman. The author is Tobias Wayland. Its title: The Lake Michigan Mothman: High Strangeness in the Midwest. I've reviewed it at Mysterious Universe, and this is how the review begins...

The Lake Michigan Mothman: High Strangeness in the Midwest is a new book from Tobias Wayland. The blurb for the book reads as follows: "This book represents over two years of research by a dedicated team of investigators who have taken dozens of reports of a weird, winged humanoid seen around Lake Michigan. Author and investigator Tobias Wayland has collected these reports for the first time in one volume, along with his analysis and insider perspective as a member of the investigative team. The phenomena described within represent the continuation of a decades-long series of events first recorded in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in the late '60s, but that has likely been with humanity since our advent, and seems just as likely to be with us until our end."

With that said, onto the review. Before I get to the actual story, though, I should stress that this is a very well-written book. It is filled with atmosphere, menace, intrigue and mystery. Of course, for a story that revolves around the Mothman phenomenon, it has to be readable and a definitive page-turner. It is. There are a few nods here and there in the direction of H.P. Lovecraft. For example, the words "gibbous" and "moon" (together, of course) pop up now and again, but there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it adds to what is an undeniably weird story. One of the reasons why I was looking forward to reading The Lake Michigan Mothman was because to a fair degree the story parallels some of the accounts that Lon Strickler detailed in his 2017 book, Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids.

And here's where you can find the article.

Contactees, Space Brothers and More...

"Long before there were Alien Abductees, there were the Contactees. They were the people chosen to spread the word by what became known as the "Space Brothers." The "word" meaning: peace, love and understanding. In other words, the aliens were here to help us - provided we followed their slightly bullying agenda. While reports of - and encounters with - these very human-looking, long-haired, jumpsuit-wearing aliens were at their height in the 1950s, reports predated that era and still occasionally surface. The Space Brothers would target people in isolated locations - very often desert environments in the United States - and encourage them to share their experiences, write books, and go on the lecture circuit. So many of these people did exactly that. They included George Adamski, Dana Howard, Howard Menger, George Hunt Williamson, and Orfeo Angelucci. Much has written about the Contactees, but there is one glaring issue that is so often omitted. Or, even, unknown to so many."

That's how one of my recent article begins. It focuses on a lesser known and intriguing aspect of many of the Contactee cases...

Flying Saucers: When the FBI Visits Your Wife

You might well wonder what on earth that all means! Read on...

Kenneth Arnold's Changing Opinions on What UFOs Were

Over at Mysterious Universe there's a new article from me on Kenneth Arnold, the guy who practically created the UFO phenomenon in the summer of 1947. It's a little-known fact, however, that by the start of the 1960s Arnold's views on UFOs had significantly changed. By then, he had discarded the extraterrestrial theory and came to believe that UFOs were living creatures themselves; large jellyfish-type beings that soared around the highest levels of the Earth's atmosphere. You can find the article here...

Saturday, December 7, 2019

My "Library..."

There must be something in the air. In the past 10 days or so, 3 people have asked me what my "library" looks like. Well, I don't have a library. For me to say I have a library sounds totally like pretentious, self-important crap. What I have are a bunch of bookshelves I bought from the local "Big Lots" store and which do me very well. For me, a library is where you borrow books, or where someone gets murdered in some old black and white "whodunnit" movie from the 1940s LOL. Let's keep things in perspective!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Men in Black and Demonic Possession

That's the subject of a new article from me, which starts as follows:

"Last week I received a lengthy, rambling series of messages from a guy in Salt Lake City, Utah that – when I finally got around to copy-pasting and formatting it all – amounted to eleven pages in single-spaced Word. I won’t detail the whole story, since it would take an entire batch of articles to do that. Sam (which is his real name) is a twenty-something who has never seen a UFO, has never been abducted by ETs, and has never had a particular interest in the subjects of UFOs and alien life. For a while, however, he did dabble in the occult, which may very well have led to what occurred just a few months back. Here’s the story: Sam found himself in a very weird situation that began in late August of this year, and that he claims is still going on. On the first night of weirdness, he woke up, around 5:00 a.m. in a state of complete confusion on his bed, rather than in it. Sam had had an extremely strange 'nightmare' of having been placed into a state of what he called 'mind control' a couple of hours earlier, which would have put the time it all began around 3:00 a.m. In that same nightmare, Sam got out of bed, dressed, and exited his apartment. But that’s not all: when he dressed, it was not in his regular, casual clothes. Rather, it was in a black suit, which he put on without giving it a thought. I should stress he doesn’t own a black suit."

And here's where you can find the whole article...