Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Roswell UFO Crash Site "Gouge"

In a good new article, Kevin Randle addresses the controversies surrounding the reported "gouge" at the crash of the "whatever-it-was" that came down in Lincoln County, New Mexico in July 1947.

Here's the link...

Monday, June 27, 2016

Dogman Symposium: Defiance, Ohio in August

Coming soon, the Dogman Symposium, which is not to be missed! And here's the press release below. Speakers included Ken Gerhard, Lyle Blackburn, David Weatherly, Linda Godfrey, John Tenney Stan Gordon, and me:

Dogman Symposium Press Release

Every dog has its day, including the mysterious, upright canine known as Dogman whose official day will be August 6, 2016, as a group of nationally known investigators, authors and television personalities gathers in Defiance, Ohio, for the first ever Dogman Symposium.
Why Ohio? The creature also tagged as a real-life werewolf, wolfman, Beast of Bray Road and a dozen other monstrous monikers is quite at home all around the Buckeye State, according to numerous eyewitnesses. And Defiance is the site of one of the nation’s earliest and best known sightings “flaps,” or clusters, of a creature whose true nature remains unknown. In late July, 1972, at least three people told police they’d seen an extremely hairy, wolf-headed creature wearing a dark shirt and jeans. Two of the witnesses were railroad crewmen, one of whom was struck by a piece of lumber the creature wielded. A motorist contributed the third encounter report. He said the beast ran across the road in front of his car as he drove near downtown Defiance at about 4 a.m. Police suspected a local person in a mask, but witnesses said the seven-to-nine foot creature did not look human to them.
It’s harder to explain the many other sightings from more recent times. In November, 2008, two sisters saw a pair of upright, black-furred canines standing near a mobile home park in Mansfield. The creatures ran into a nearby woods on their hind legs, said the sisters, adding that other residents had also seen the creatures. There have been other sightings near Akron, Cleveland, and most parts of the state. The city of Delphos has its own werewolf legend, as well.
The phenomenon of wolf-like or dog-like creatures that walk upright is not limited to Ohio, however. Speakers at the Symposium will address history, sightings and theories about world-wide appearances of dogmen, in an effort to raise awareness of how many reports have been made and of the fact that these encounters may occur in people’s back yards as well as in wild or forested areas.
The event is open to the public and will feature an impressive roster of speakers:
  • Lyle Blackburn: Author and (cryptid) man-beast researcher from Texas, consulting producer and host of Destination America’s – “Monsters and Mysteries in America: The Blackburn Files.”
  • Ken Gerhard: World traveling cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard has authored three books on unknown creatures and is currently co-host of the History Channel series – “Missing in Alaska.”
  • Linda Godfrey: Author-cryptid researcher who raised initial public awareness of Dogman with The Beast of Bray Road & 16 more books, frequent TV/radio guest on shows like Monsterquest, Hannity.
  • Stan Gordon: Researching mysterious events in Pennsylvania since 1959, the author of three books appears frequently on radio and television and is a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM.
  • Nick Redfern: Texan researcher Nick Redfern is the best-selling author of 36 books on weird creatures and monsters and has appeared on TV shows such as Fox News and MSNBC’s Countdown.
  • John E.L. Tenney: The author of over a dozen books, Mr. Tenney has been interviewed on radio and television worldwide and is co-host of Destination America’s TV show – “Ghost Stalkers.”
  • David Weatherly: Paranormal investigator, author and student of shamanic traditions worldwide, David frequently guests on TV and radio shows like Ancient Aliens and Coast to Coast AM.
Dogman Symposium is a family-friendly event that runs from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (EDT) at the VFW Hall, 201 Clinton St, Defiance, OH 43512. Tickets are available in advance for $20 at, where you can find information on the speakers, directions to the hall, and more. Tickets may also be available at the door for $25, but seating is limited and same-day sales cannot be guaranteed. Food and beverages will be available for purchase on site, as well as vendors offering a variety of Dogman-related books, videos, t-shirts, artwork and jewelry.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Reviewing The Minnesota Iceman Saga

Over at Mysterious Universe, there's a new review from me on an excellent new release from Anomalist Books: Neanderthal: The Strange Saga of the Minnesota Iceman.

Here's the link to the review.

And here's how the review starts:

Available right now is a new release from Anomalist Books. Its title: Neanderthal: The Strange Saga of the Minnesota Iceman. The author: Bernard Heuvelmans. When I say it’s “a new book,” a bit of background information is required. Neanderthal was originally published in France in 1974. But now, and for the very first time, it has finally been translated into English. So, for all intents and purposes, and specifically for an English audience, it is new. Also new are (a) the introduction from the translator, Paul LeBlond; and (b) the afterword from cryptozoologist Loren Coleman.

I’ll come straight to the point and say this is an excellent study of one of Cryptozoology’s biggest and most enduring enigmas: that of the Minnesota Iceman. If you don’t know the story, a bit of background data is definitely required. And a perfect, concise summary comes from the good folks at Anomalist books: “The story begins at the end of 1968 in New Jersey, when zoologist Bernard Heuvelmans and biologist Ivan Sanderson first hear from a correspondent about the frozen corpse of an extremely hairy man-like creature being exhibited in the Midwest. Upon arrival in Minnesota, the two scientists come face to face with a ‘hominid’ not of our species embedded in a block of ice.”

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Men In Black InThe News

MIB spotted...

Here's how the article begins:  "MUSCATINE COUNTY, Iowa (KWQC) – R. J. Strong of Port Louisa, Iowa was spooked by what he saw a week ago Monday, June 13,  at 2 a.m. Strong posted on Facebook afterward that he was traveling near Ogilvie and F avenues in Muscatine County when he saw 'some weirdo walking down the paved road in a black trench coat!!!!'"

Here's the link...

Monday, June 20, 2016

"Neanderthal" - A Review Coming Soon

An excellent new book I recently finished reading, and which I have just reviewed for Mysterious Universe (the review should appear in a day or two).

And here's the link to the book, Neanderthal: The Strange Saga of the Minnesota Iceman.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Watch Out For The Women In Black

Over at Mysterious Universe there's a new article on my latest book, Women in Black.

Here's how the article begins:

Right now, I have a new book out titled Women in Black: The Creepy Companions of the Mysterious M.I.B. It’s a book which, as the title suggests, tells a very strange and at times even disturbing story. It is a story that has pretty much consistently stayed under the radar of the UFO research community. This is hardly surprising, however, taking into consideration the fact that reports of the WIB are so often overlooked, or deliberately ignored, by saucer-sleuths. There is a very good reason why such a situation has occurred. For many people within Ufology, if it’s not good old “nuts and bolts” Ufology – of the kind that got Donald Keyhoe so excited decades ago – they don’t want to know about it. Much like those many dedicated Bigfoot-seekers who have no time for the weirder side of Sasquatch.

The Women in Black are clearly not a part of that aforementioned “nuts and bolts” domain. They’re much weirder – even though there is an undeniable connection to the UFO puzzle. Which, of course, raises big questions about the true nature of the UFO phenomenon. Just like their male, black-clad counterparts, the WIB are not the employees – or the “secret agents” – of any arm of government, of the military, or of the intelligence community. Indeed, just about all of the presently available data suggests they aren’t even human.

And here's the link to the MU article.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Women In Black - Now Available

My new book, Women in Black: The Creepy Companions of the Mysterious M.I.B., is now available at Amazon (from Lisa Hagan Books).

Here's the link to the book, and here's the description from the back-cover:

"Dark and disturbing, this full-length study of the women in black mystery encompasses such issues as alien abductions, Mothman, strange and unearthly monsters, the secrets of alchemy, time-travel, and the dark domain of all things supernatural. Just like their creepy, male counterparts the women in black will stop at nothing to silence those who get too close to the truths behind the UFO phenomenon and paranormal activity. Dire warnings, intimidation, and menacing death threats are their cold-hearted calling-cards. Like the vampires of old, these black-clad, pale-faced women prefer to do their hunting by night. Their prey: us. Fearless and fearsome, they might just be your worst nightmare."

And here's the Contents:

Chapter 1: “He saw a lady in black in his bedroom at night”
Chapter 2: “They are surely the saucer people you told us about” 
Chapter 3: “We talked for hours about traveling in space and time”
Chapter 4: “It was as if she were dead”
Chapter 5: “A sinister group of pale-faced women”
Chapter 6: “She was black. Her skin was black, her body was black, the wings were black;                     everything was black”
Chapter 7: “Whatever that young woman did to me, it was like being in a sleepwalk”
Chapter 8: “Her skin was very pale, and of an unusually smooth texture”
Chapter 9: “The sky is very clear tonight”
Chapter 10: “They wore long black cloaks”
Chapter 11: “Rambling wolves seeking whom they can devour”
Chapter 12: “We would urge everyone to be vigilant”
Chapter 13: “I didn’t want to get bitten”
Chapter 14: “This thing he is doing with UFOs, tell him to stop it, right away”
Chapter 15: “Late at night the attic became a creepy place”
Chapter 16: “May I come in?”
Chapter 17: “It was a hideous-looking woman dressed in black”
Chapter 18: “I used to apprentice as an embalmer, and I swear that woman smelled just like
Chapter 19: “The scene shows a large woman dressed in black”
Chapter 20: “Maybe they decided it was too far advanced for people”
Chapter 21: “This scary-looking woman was tall and thin, had a face powdered white”
Chapter 22: "I have never felt such fear in my life”
Chapter 23: “There was something ‘off’ about them”
Chapter 24: “I had a very strange feeling when I saw the woman”
Chapter 25: “She shrank from him with a hissing sound”
Chapter 26: “The woods are avoided after dusk”
About Nick Redfern

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

George Van Tassel - Documentary

One of the people I met at Contact in the Desert was Jonathan Berman, whose documentary on UFO Contactee, George Van Tassel, was shown at the event. I heard good feedback about it!

Contact In The Desert - 2016

A bunch of photos from this past weekend's "Contact In The Desert" gig out at Joshua Tree, California, which was a good time (with attendance around 3,000), and at which I spoke on the Men in Black mystery.

And it was as hot as Hell!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hanging Out...

Hanging out yesterday afternoon with good friend Kimberly Rackley, whose work in the paranormal you can find out about here.

UFO Disclsoure

A very good, and sensible, new article from Kevin Randle on UFO Disclosure.

As some of you know from my articles at Mysterious Universe, I don't think there's even a slim chance of disclosure happening - and neither does Kevin.

I've heard so many times "It's coming next year," that it has become like the boy who cried wolf.

To the disclosure crowd: put up, and show us something substantial, or shut up.