Friday, December 27, 2013

Saucers and Sources

My latest Mysterious Universe article focuses on one of those ufological issues that most people have an opinion on - the matter of using sources that (for a variety of reasons) don't want to speak out on the record.

Much of the article focuses on my book On the Trail of the Saucer Spies and how, and why, it's actually not a problem to use unnamed sources...


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Colorado in Pics

Been working in Denver, Colorado for the last few days, and here are a few shots of what is a very cool place:


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mothman High-Strangeness!

There's a new Mysterious Universe article from me, which deals a  degree of "Mothman weirdness" that I encountered last weekend. It starts like this...

"There can be very few researchers of the world of the unexplained who have not experienced, now and again, a sense that the phenomena they  investigate sometimes manipulates them. For some people, it can be an exciting and illuminating experience. For others, it can be downright terrifying, and something which has led people to quit – forever – the world of the paranormal. I have experienced this sense of manipulation more than a few times, but last Saturday night things became downright crazy.

"Right now, I’m working on a new book that includes a small overview of the Mothman mystery, which dominated the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the 1960s. So, over the course of the last week, and even though I’m very clued-in on the subject, I have been doing a bit of additional research into the winged beast made most famous in John Keel’s classic study of the case, The Mothman Prophecies."

Monday, December 16, 2013

MIB Terror: Audio

A couple of years ago, I wrote the foreword for a new edition of Gray Barker's book, Men in Black: The Secret Terror. Well, the good news is that if you like audio-books, it's now available in that very format.

Here's the link.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Did Japan Invade Roswell?

That's the question I ask in my latest Mysterious Universe article...

And here's the opening paragraphs of the article:

"One of the intriguing threads in the never-ending Roswell affair of July 1947 is that which posits a link between the craft and bodies that came down on the Foster Ranch, Lincoln County, New Mexico and the activities of the Japanese military. In 1997, Popular Mechanics magazine published an article written by columnist Jim Wilson on the Roswell controversy. In part, Wilson revealed that Popular Mechanics had been told of a looming release of files that could possibly shed more light on what happened at Roswell.

"Not only that, Wilson very specifically stated that the magazine had been informed the paperwork in question would document a Japanese equivalent of the post-Second World War Operation Paperclip. As it transpired, such files ultimately did not surface. The story, however, does not end there.  Sergeant Melvin E. Brown, who claimed to have seen the Roswell bodies shortly after they were recovered, said they had yellowish skin and an Asian-style appearance."


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Saucers, Soviets, MIB!

My new Mysterious Universe article is on a very odd story, one I uncovered while doing an archival visit a few years back. A mysterious Russian, Flying Saucers, MIB overtones, and weird debris are just for starters. It begins like this...

"A couple of days ago here at Mysterious Universe, I penned an article titled An Extraterrestrial 007? The subject was one of the strangest reports I have ever received of a UFO-themed event in the UK. It prompted one person to email me and ask what is the strangest UFO case I have come across in the United States. Well, I can say for sure that there have been far more than a few of them! But, one that really stands out in the weird stakes is a case that became the subject of an official investigation in the early 1950s, the records on which can be found at the National Archives, Maryland, USA.

"The documentation, declassified under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, dates back to 1952, was prepared by the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations, and is titled “Unconventional Flying Objects Sighted; And Portions Recovered by [Note from Nick: First name deleted] McLean, Friona, Texas.” It’s a deeply weird file that is suggestive of one of three things: (a) that the witness may have been suffering from a degree of dementia; (b) something highly unusual really did occur; or c) maybe it was a bit of both."

John Keel, Mothman, Bigfoot

Just had a parcel delivered, thanks to Andy Colvin: four new books he has published. They are: Praise for the Hairy Man, (a Bigfoot book Andy has co-written with Jeffery Pritchett), The Mothman Shrieks, (written by Andy) and two collections of John Keel's writing: Flying Saucer to the Center of Your Mind and The Outer Limits of the Twilight Zone. Reviews will appear as soon as I have read them...

Monday, December 9, 2013

Remembering A Great Dog

Ten years ago tomorrow, a great friend was taken all too early. Her name was Charity the Shar-Pei. Noted for being able to knock furniture out of the way and people over when she was on a mission, Charity was a fun, gentle and loyal dog who loved walks and pizza crust, and who is still much missed a decade later. Here's a few pics of her, at rest and play.


Not Exactly James Bond...

Are extraterrestrial 007's on the loose on our planet? Just maybe they are...

That's the subject of my new Mysterious Universe article.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snowy in Texas!

The view outside my apartment today...

Colin Wilson RIP

Jon Downes writes...

"Colin Henry Wilson (26 June 1931 – 5 December 2013) was a prolific English writer who first came to prominence as a philosopher and novelist. Wilson also wrote widely on true crime, mysticism, the paranormal, and other topics. He preferred calling his philosophy new existentialism or phenomenological existentialism. It is always strange writing an obituary for a man that I knew. I didn't know him well, but our paths crossed two or three times in the course of my chequered career.

"I first met him at the Exeter University Science Fiction Club conference in 1989, when he gave a fascinating talk on the subject of Peak Experiences, and afterwards he and I spoke for several hours about the philosophy of Abraham Maslow
, who - it turned out had been a friend and colleague of his.

"I met him again, many years later, at one of the Fortean Times Unconventions when we stayed at the same hotel and talked existentialist politics late into the night. Together with Mick Farren and John Michell he was one of the few truly great men that I have met, and tonight my heart is heavy with the knowledge that I will not be meeting him again."

Friday, December 6, 2013

Beware of Psychic Backlash

My latest Mysterious Universe article deals with a subject that - as I know, personally - more than a few people in the Fortean world have experienced: psychic backlash. It starts like this...

"While it is certainly true that undertaking research into the collective world of the unknown can be illuminating, stimulating and exciting, it can also be downright hazardous. Sometimes, when a person becomes immersed in an investigation to a very deep and significant degree, the phenomenon under the microscope appears to realize that it is being watched and responds in violent, and sometimes even deadly, fashion. Welcome (if that’s the right word to use) to the world of what is known as psychic backlash.

"A classic example comes from a good friend of mine, Jon Downes, the director of the UK-based Center for Fortean Zoology. For years, Jon deeply investigated the mystery of the Owlman of Cornwall, England – surely the closest thing the nation has to the infamous Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, USA. But there was something deeply sinister about the winged, glowing-eyed Owlman. Every time Jon dug deep into the heart of the enigma, things would go wrong – as in big time."

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Forbidden Bigfoot: Reviewed

"Well, it’s time for me to get on my Bigfoot soapbox again. Or, in other words, get the collective blood-pressure of the “flesh and blood” brigade soaring through the roof. On several occasions here at Mysterious Universe, I have noted the undeniable fact that many people within the Bigfoot research arena will simply not address the theory that the creature is far more than a mere unknown animal. That is, aside from predictably attacking the theory.

"Now, I have no problem – at all – with someone concluding that the high-strangeness angle of Bigfoot has no validity if they actually do the research to prove their point. But, time and again, I come across researchers of the monstrous mystery who openly admit to refusing to even look at such cases, read books on the weirder side of Bigfoot, or engage the witnesses in debate. The reason? Their minds are already made up. And that’s something I do have a problem with."

That's how my new Mysterious Universe article begins, on the subject of Lisa Shiel's new book, Forbidden Bigfoot.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Watching the Abductees...

Are "Alien Abductees" secretly watched by a clandestine group within the world of officialdom? That's the subject of my latest Mysterious Universe article...

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Goatman: Flesh or Folklore?

If you have read my books Memoirs of a Monster Hunter, There's Something in the Woods, Wildman, Monster Diary and (with Ken Gerhard) Monsters of Texas, you'll know I have done more than a few investigations into reports of so-called "Goatmen" across the United States.

Well, the good news is that in 2014, a full-length book on this subject will be published. You can find the info here.

PS: The photo above shows the Old Alton Bridge at Denton, Texas, which is home to a Goatman legend.