Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Man Who Filmed Nessie

Here's a newly-published biography that no fan of Cryptozoology should be without: The Man Who Filmed Nessie.

Written by Angus Dinsdale, the son of legendary Nessie seeker, Tim Dinsdale, the book runs at 256 pages and contains no less than 80 photos.

The Man Who Filmed Nessie is published by Hancock House.

You can purchase the book here.

This link will take you to a full synopsis.

And here's a review.

Don't miss this one!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Cult of the Mermaid Kind

My latest Mysterious Universe article focuses on beliefs and folklore relative to mermaids. But, in the closing paragraphs it delves into something else too - namely, disturbing, sacrificial rights undertaken by what can only be described as a "mermaid cult." I now have the full story on this band of occultists and will be revealing it in the very near future.

Here's the story.

In many respects, the nature of the group is very much like the one described right here...

Monday, July 29, 2013

Werewolf Problems

"Just the other night, I did a radio show which briefly touched upon my research and writing in the field of werewolves. One of the things I noted to the host is that despite the fact that most people think werewolves are born out of nothing more than fantasy, folklore, legend, and movie-scripts, the reality is that reports of dog-headed humanoids, and creatures that sound just like the classic imagery of werewolves, absolutely abound, and have done so for centuries.

"The bigger issue, which I also discussed with the host, is how such reports polarize the research community. And here’s what I mean by that: when it comes to werewolves, it’s not so much the fact that we have reports which is the problem. Rather, it’s the fact that the very mention of the word “werewolf” provokes controversial imagery born out of Hollywood movies (such as the 2010 version of The Wolfman) which starred Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt), or of traditional, centuries-old tales of human-to-wolf shape-shifters."

Those are the two opening paragraphs to my latest Mysterious Universe article.

And here's the link...

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Monster or Oversized Critter

My latest Lair of the Beasts column at deals with the usage of the highly emotive term of "monster" when it comes to creatures of the cryptozoological kind.

It begins like this:

"When is a monster not a monster? Well, I’ll tell you: when it’s a monster-sized animal. Within the field of Cryptozoology, when someone uses the term 'monster' they are usually referring to a creature of definitively unknown origin and identification. But, sometimes, the word is used to describe something that may be a regular animal, but one of unusually massive proportions.

"A classic example is the Loch Ness Monster – or, more correctly, the Loch Ness Monsters, since it’s absurd to think that the lore of the loch is based around just one long-lived animal. For the Scottish tourist board – Visit Scotland, as it’s known – it would be an absolute dream come true if the Nessies were proved to be plesiosaurs, those famous, long-extinct marine reptiles."

And here's the link...

Friday, July 26, 2013


Over at The Huffington Post, there's a new article on Lee Brickley's new book, UFOs, Werewolves & The Pig-Man. And it's on the subject of that very same, terrible and unearthly porker that the article focuses.

You can find it - and the truth of the strange swine - right here.

Animal Mutilations in the UK

Late last year, Jon Downes' CFZ Press published my book Wildman: The Monstrous and Mysterious Saga of the British Bigfoot.

One of the chapters in the book is titled Mutilations and Anomalous Animals. It deals with a highly controversial topic: namely, the conjuring up of supernatural beasts - of a distinctly Bigfoot-like nature - via the ritualistic slaughter and sacrifice of animals.

A number of cases of animal mutilation and apparent sacrifice that I detailed in Wildman occurred in the English county of Devon, specifically on Dartmoor, and specifically during a full moon.

And, it just so happens that the wilds of Dartmoor have a long history of hairy man-beasts in their midst.

Well, it transpires that there is a brand new case of animal mutilation - and apparent sacrifice - on Dartmoor, which also occurred under a full moon.

You can find the story right here.

As the Falmouth Packet's new article notes:

"A Satanic cult is suspected of being behind the grisly death of a pony, found mutilated on Dartmoor after a full moon. Police have appealed for the public's help after the two month old pony was found dead on moorland at Yennadon Down, Dousland Yelverton by a horse rider at around 6.50pm on Tuesday. A police spokesman said that the pony appeared to have been 'deliberately mutilated' and officers are investigating the possibility that the body had been left in 'some kind of ritualistic way.'"

In Wildman I told the story of a woman named Jane Adams, a devotee of Wicca, who I first met in a Wiltshire Crop Circle back in August 1997.  As I specifically note in the book, Adams revealed to me that she possessed "personal knowledge"– as she specifically described it - that a certain group of occultists had engaged in sacrificing animals "near a stone circle in Devon some time ago."

"Some time ago," as I explain in the book, was 2006, when other mutilations were occurring on Dartmoor.

The purpose of the killings and sacrifices, Adams claimed, was to try and conjure up, from some ethereal netherworld, both "a black cat" and a creature that would most certainly fit the description of the British Bigfoot and which would then duly perform the group’s dark bidding.

Certainly, it's a very bizarre story, indeed, one made even weirder by the fact that we now - unfortunately - have yet another incident that might very possibly have resulted from the controversial actions of the exact same group of occultists that Jane Adams referred to, and which I cited in Wildman last year.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mystery Animals of Staffordshire: Available Now

Available now, I'm very pleased to tell you, is Mystery Animals of the British Isles: Staffordshire from me and Glen Vaudrey.

Published in POD format by CFZ Press in the UK, you can find it at this link.

And here's the blurb for the book:

"Throughout the county of Staffordshire, strange, monstrous and terrible things lurk. Exotic big cats are said to roam Staffordshire's thick woods. Ghostly black dogs with red, glowing eyes faithfully haunt and patrol its ancient roads and well-worn pathways. Bloodthirsty werewolves are rumoured to be on the loose throughout the county. Fantastic and vicious water-beasts lurk deep within its streams, rivers, lakes and pools. Out-of-place wallabies, wild-boar, porcupines, coypu and armadillos have all been reported. And, even the world's most famous hairy man-beast of all, Bigfoot, has been known to put in an appearance from time to time! Nick Redfern and Glen Vaudrey reveal the startling truths concerning these, and many more, mystery animals of Staffordshire."

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Defining Cryptozoology

My new Lair of the Beasts post at focuses on Cryptozoology, from the perspective of what should be considered a cryptozoological beast and, perhaps, what should not...

Here it is...

Roswell and Time Travel

My latest Mysterious Universe article digs deep into a controversial theory for the Roswell event of 1947 (namely, the time travel theory), as discussed by a controversial figure, the late Philip Corso, co-author with Bill Birnes of The Day After Roswell.

You can find it right here...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lake Monsters: The Issue of Bodies

"Just the other night, while I was promoting my new Monster Files book, the host of the relevant radio show asked me why, if lake monsters are real, don’t we ever find hard and undeniable evidence of their existence? He was, of course, talking about a living specimen or a corpse. Okay, it’s a fair question, and many might take the view that the lack of a creature – alive or dead – is suggestive of the whole thing being nothing more than folklore, mythology, legend, hoaxing and misidentification. Right? Wrong.

"There are many reasons why, even in lakes close to highly populated areas, we might never find hard evidence of the existence of such creatures. Let us focus primarily on the world’s most famous lake monsters of all, the Nessies of Scotland’s Loch Ness."

The above-quote is taken from my latest Mysterious Universe article, which you can find right here...

Monday, July 15, 2013

David Weatherly's Strange Intruders

If, like me, you thought that David Weatherly's Black Eyed Children was a great book, you definitely won't want to miss his forthcoming title, Strange Intruders, which includes a foreword from Micah Hanks.

It's not listed at Amazon yet, but keep a look out for it...

That's David, below, photographed by me at last October's Paradigm Symposium in Minneapolis.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Strange Creatures of Staffordshire

My new Lair of the Beasts column at digs into a certain forthcoming book from me and Glen Vaudrey: The Mystery Animals of the British Isles: Staffordshire.

Bigfoot, wolf-men, strange water-based beasts, wallabies, coypu, armadillos, big cats, weird winged things, and much more are contained in its packed pages.

It should be surfacing from its dark and terrible lair (CFZ Press HQ, in other words) in mid-August.

The Truth Is Snout There!

England's Birmingham Mail newspaper gives great coverage to Lee Brickley's new book, UFOs, Werewolves & The Pig-Man: Exposing England's Strangest Location, Cannock Chase.

Much of the article focuses on the Pig-Man of the title, and what a weird tale it is, encompassing what might well be a bit of conspiracy...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Mysteries of the Mountain

The opening words to my latest Mysterious Universe article...

"Situated on the southern tip of the vast and mountainous Cascade Range – which encompasses parts of British Columbia, California, Washington State, and Oregon – Mount Shasta is a huge, all-dominating peak that, at nearly fifteen thousand feet, is the fifth tallest mountain in the Golden State, and one that has been home to human civilization, in varying degrees, since around 5,000 B.C. It’s also a mountain steeped in matters mysterious, unearthly, and deeply ancient.

"Indeed, the interior of Mount Shasta is said to house the last vestiges of a mighty, renowned race of legendary people that dominated the planet in the fog-shrouded past. They were known as the Lemurians and were said to have inhabited a now sunken land, possibly situated somewhere in either the Pacific or Indian Ocean."

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A 1960s UK Mothman?

Mothman in the UK? Way back in 1963?

That's the subject of my latest Mysterious Universe article, which tells the strange story of a close encounter with something monstrous.

Not only that, it sounds eerily similar to Point Pleasant, West Virginia's most famous winged thing.

Here's the article.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Coming in August...

Alien Viruses of the Lethal Kind

"There is one thing that we can say for sure about the UFO presence on our world: it acts in a decidedly stealthy manner. It never lays its cards fully on the table. It lurks in the shadows. It surfaces only briefly, tantalizing and amazing those  for whom it manifests. After which, like a typical chain-rattling spectre  it’s gone again. It’s not – so far as we know – overtly hostile. On the other hand, it has done nothing to help improve our situation on Earth, either. In that sense, the phenomenon is more than a bit of a conundrum.

"One day, however, the phenomenon may come storming out of those shadows and remain in full view for all to see. If that does happen, and it proves to be malevolent, then we had better watch out. Big time."

That's how I start my latest Mysterious Universe article on Dr. Bob Wood's new Alien Viruses book, which I ghost-wrote some years back.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Book: Alien Viruses

Back in 2006, I was hired by Dr. Bob Wood to ghost-write his book, Alien Viruses. The book is now available. Check it out at this link. It tells the story of a disturbing connection between the UFO phenomenon and what may be deadly viruses aimed at exterminating the Human Race.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Strange Deaths...

My new Mysterious Universe article tackles a subject that, a few years ago, was all the talk of the conspiracy community. Not so much anymore, though. Plus, it's a subject that someone really should write a full-length book on. Wanna know what it is? You can, right here...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Antonio and the Alien

My latest Mysterious Universe article focuses on a famous - and highly controversial - UFO case from the 1950s. It involves a certain Antonio Villas Boas, a man who went where very few went before, and probably afterwards too!