Monday, March 4, 2019

Paranormal and Metaphysical: Dallas at the Weekend

A few photos from this past weekend's Metaphysical and Paranormal Unity Fest in Dallas, which was a cool day!

When Our Water Runs Out

That's the subject of a new article from me...

And here's how it starts:

"The mainstream media has, for sometime now, been focusing its attention on a global problem. We could call it a warning of what might soon be around the corner. Namely, a significant lack of fresh water. The U.K.’s Guardian newspaper has highlighted the particularly disturbing issues that face us and which should not and cannot be ignored. The Guardian told its readers in 2012: “Fresh water is crucial to human society – not just for drinking, but also for farming, washing and many other activities. It is expected to become increasingly scarce in the future, and this is partly due to climate change.” The Guardian continued and revealed something very chilling: namely, that when it comes to the matter of so-called regional groundwater, not much at all is well understood when it comes to precisely how extensive – and expansive – those reserves of freshwater really are. Or, in the worst case scenario possible, are not."