Friday, August 31, 2012

Ufology's Future...

Over at Mysterious Universe, I have a new post which looks at the future for Ufology - as I see it anyway. I say in part:

"...First and foremost, I don’t fear, worry or care about Ufology not existing in – let’s say, hypothetically – 100 years from now. Or even 200 years. In some format, I think that as a movement, it will still exist. I guess my biggest concern is that nothing will have changed by then, aside from the field having become even more dinosaur-like and stuck in its ways than it is today, still filled with influential souls who loudly demand we adhere to the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis and nothing else, still droning on about Roswell, still obsessed with what might be going on at Area 51, still debating on what Kenneth Arnold saw, and still pondering on what really happened at Rendlesham..."

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paranormal Loch Ness!

A witch called Kevin, Aleister Crowley (pictured), supernatural strangeness and Nessie! Yep, definitely an intriguing mix! So, what's the connection? Here's the answer...

Britain's Wallabies

Nope, the wallaby is not indigenous to the wilds of Britain. But, it's there all the same!

I remember when growing up as a kid in Staffordshire, England that sightings would frequently be reported of wallabies on the loose - chiefly in the northern parts of the county, and up into parts of the Peak District, too. And, for a pre-teen Nick Redfern, they made for great and exciting reading!

Sadly, at least from those particular parts of the UK, there are far less reports today. But, there is still the occasional one or two. Other colonies in the UK appear to be doing far better, fortunately.

Of course, there's nothing remotely weird about the presence of the creatures: they (or, rather, the original ones) are simply escapees from zoos, private enclosures, etc that have managed to survive and - sometimes - thrive for decades.

But, it's still a fascinating bit of British culture and oddness. And long may the wallaby call the UK its home!

Here's a new story on the matter from Richard Muirhead and here's one I wrote for a few years ago.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Saucer Strangeness!

Over at The UFO Iconoclasts, Rich Reynolds takes us on an entertaining trip into definitively surreal saucer-land!

As Rich notes: "...some UFO encounters and reports are botched accounts from troubled humans; humans who in a momentary panic either confabulate a tale or extrapolate a tale from something unusual but which is, in essence, prosaic."

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And One More...

One more "Wild Texas" shot - which I took a couple of months back...


Another of the wild things that I encounter now and again here in Texas...

Face to Face with a Raccoon!

Here's a photo I have been meaning to post for a while. Late one night a few months ago, I was hanging out at the home of good mate, Ken Gerhard, while he was rehearsing with his band, the Bozo Porno Circus, when I happened to pull back the blinds on the back-door...and...what did I see?

Nothing less than a raccoon staring up at me!

It even sat and patiently waited while I got my camera to grab a shot. And, as you can see, it provided a good pose, too!

That's one of the many things I love about Texas: there's always wild and weird shit running, swimming or flying around!

Ken will probably kill me when he finds out that I encouraged it to hang around, but I did give the little chap a bit of the sandwich I had in my other hand while I juggled the camera. Well, it was staring intently at it and made me feel guilty...

Not The Essex Lion!

Photographed in the back-garden on Saturday night. Yep, a bit dark, I know. No, it's not the Lion of Essex, England! And no I did not demand that armed police come and deal with it. Is it a normal house-cat? Well, it was certainly much bigger and bulkier, even though it looks just like one. And check out that tail: like a striped baseball bat, it got wider and fatter the longer it got. Nothing to get excited about, but I thought - given its size - it was cool to see right outside the back-door...

Crop Circles: The Human Angle

In a new post at Mysterious Universe, I discuss the human element of Crop Circle making. But, no, we are not talking about what are simply - and quite incorrectly - referred to as hoaxers.

If that confuses you, well take a look at the complete article, which begins as follows:


Matthew Williams – a former special-investigator with the British Government’s Customs & Excise agency – holds the distinction of being one of the very few people in the world arrested, charged and convicted for making a Crop Circle – although the actual crime was of causing damage to the field in which the formation was made.

I will be the first to admit that Matthew is a good friend of mine, and a great deal has been written about his reasons for making crop-formations that is either misleading or downright untrue. And, more importantly, the notion that people such as Matthew can be dismissed as mere hoaxers is an utter failure to understand and appreciate the philosophy and experiences of the human circle-makers.

In an extensive interview I conducted with Matthew, he began:

“In 1992, when I got involved in Crop Circle research, there were a lot of people who believed that Crop Circles could only be made by otherworldly forces. Admittedly, I didn’t know very much about Crop Circles back then; and hearing some of the arguments of ‘bent nodes’ and ‘blown expulsion cavities’ coupled with UFO sightings, made the whole subject seem extraordinary. Without researching the subject for myself, I was inclined to believe the so-called experts and their seemingly plausible theories about aliens making Crop Circles.”

That "Essex Lion" Farce...

Neil Arnold (right, in the photo above) takes a deep look at the "Essex Lion" story and provides us with what is probably the only voice of sanity in this sorry saga!

Neil begins:

"Okay, so the rumours circulated that there was a lion on the loose near Clacton in Essex. How many more stories like this are going to be followed up by droves of police officers and reported on my drama hungry papers ? It's a sorry state of affairs, and it's hysteria that makes a mockery of my research because when investigators, as usual, find no evidence of the lion king, everyone starts laughing and saying that there are no large cats roaming Britain."

And here's the link to Neil's complete post.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ufologists: Do NOT Do These Things!

Not too long ago, I wrote a Top 10-themed post here on one of the most ridiculous things in the field of Forteana. What is it? The absolute pile of crap that currently passes for paranormal-themed "reality" TV, that's what.

You know the shows: they're the ones full of people running around forests/old buildings/deserts with night-scope equipment saying in whispered tones: "Did you hear that?! Did you see that?!"

No, we didn't see it! No, we didn't hear it! And, no, WE DON'T CARE!

Well, with that said, I thought it was time I offered a few more insights into what I see as rampant, Fortean idiocy. And, this time, it's all UFO-based.

As someone who has written a number of books on UFOs, these are my personal Top 10 (in no particular order) ufological "things" that - in my view, and in the dickhead stakes - are hard to beat.

Whether it's due to the nefarious actions of sinister ETs or just a lack of imagination, have you noticed how, when someone writes a book on UFOs, their name magically changes? Yes, amazingly, it's true: the first name becomes longer than normal and a mysterious middle initial appears on the cover! My middle name is David. So, if I want to be a real UFO investigator/author, instead of my name appearing on my books as "Nick Redfern," it should actually appear as "Nicholas D. Redfern." Right? No! Wrong! Or as we say back in England: "Fakk Orf!" It may come as a surprise to some researchers, but letting the world loudly know you are now Robert instead of Bob, or James instead of Jim, and that (shock! horror!) you even have a middle initial, will not advance your credibility when your book comes out. Ufologist: Don't do it!

Ah, yes, one of my all-time favorites. Pray tell, please, how does having academic letters after your name aid in furthering our knowledge of Ufology? Simple: it doesn't. People use letters because they think they look flash and will impress those they feel need impressing. Er, excuse me, but does anyone really think that in a field where ET has - at various times - allegedly probed people's rear-ends, made pancakes for them, had sex with them, and devoured gallons of Strawberry Ice-Cream (maybe, all at the same time...), having letters after their names will somehow aid in getting the message across, or make people look at them with wide-eyed approval and wonder? Perhaps, astonishingly, some Ufologists actually do think it helps. But, I say: Ufologist: Don't do it!

Quite possibly the one thing that is guaranteed to make me spit venom and my head spin all the way around while speaking in ancient and terrible tongues: the theory that black suit + crisp white shirt + red tie + plus shiny black shoes somehow makes the relevant researcher - and their attendant message - credible. Posing, peacock-like, on stage as if you are running for Numero Uno position in the White House achieves nothing. Suits are what you wear when you bury someone. Or when you marry someone. Or when you...well, that's about it. Nothing you wear will ever, EVER, improve your position as a Ufologist in the eyes of the bigger world outside. The only thing which can ever achieve that is the discovery and presentation of hard, physical evidence of the UFO phenomenon. And, if that happens, it matters not a bit if - like me - you like to wear t-shirts and jeans, or you get decked out like a posh waiter or someone who runs a funeral-home. Ufologist: Don't do it!

No, no, no, no, no!! I've seen it time and time again at UFO conferences. And, no doubt, I'll continue to see it time and time again. It's the ufological equivalent of letting the boss win a game of golf (which nobody should be doing either). Or, as it's also known: seeking out the people in Ufology who you think can best help you advance your career (conference organizers, magazine editors, the leading-lights in the big UFO groups), and saying what you think they will want to hear, and not saying what you really think. Have some dignity! Say what you think about George Adamski, the Men in Black, or Area 51. Not what this or that person thinks! Okay, claiming old George merely took photos of a few lampshades tossed into the air probably won't get you booked at the next Contactee-themed event. But, you have, at least, been honest to yourself. So, when it comes to kissing ass, Ufologist: Don't do it!

Ufologist: You're not some Hollywood star. Lighten the fuck up. And don't make like it's a big deal when someone - who has paid good money to see you lecture and buy your books - wants to hang out with you for a while and ask a question or several. I've seen it far more times than I care to remember at UFO conferences, and it's downright embarrassing: the yawning Ufologist with their eyes on their watch, and who can't even be bothered to spend 5 minutes chatting about this case or that case with someone who looks up to them. And why can't they be bothered? Because they want to be having lunch with all the other self-important ufological souls on the panel. They're the ones who, at the conferences, huddle together around a big table in the corner of the restaurant and pretend they - and they alone - are in possession of some big ufological secret that the rest of us are not worthy of knowing. Ufologist: Don't do it!

If there's one thing that pisses me off about Ufology, it's the endless assertion (usually offered with endless assurances) that "the truth" behind the UFO phenomenon is "coming soon." Yep: amazing revelations courtesy of the Government, or the dreaded "THEM." People have been saying that since Kenneth Arnold was still being breast-fed! Well, maybe not. But you get my point. Many ufologists do, for some reason, feel it's important to try and make us all feel warm and cuddly by saying something like: "Don't worry. None of your decades of research will be in vain. I have heard from a high-ranking source - that I can never name - that the truth will begin to surface at 9.45 a week next Thursday. And that's AM. not P.M." Well, I don't need to feel warm and cuddly at all, thank-you very much. And if you cannot stand by - or utterly verify - your date and claim as to when "the truth" is coming, then keep your mouth shut until you can. Which, given "the Government's" track record on disclosure, is likely to be forever. You know what's coming by now: Ufologist: Don't do it!

For reasons I have never been able to fathom, there seems to be an underlying rule in much of Ufology: "Thou shalt not changed, alter or modify thy views." I have never got that one. In the same way that, today, I don't watch the same TV shows, or read the same books, as I did when I was a little kid, why should I - or any of us in Ufology - be expected to hang on to old, out-moded and out-dated theories and beliefs in light of new ideas, themes and paradigms? I'll tell you why: because it's expected! It's expected because the old-school wants the old ways and the old beliefs to be upheld. But, all that happens is they become...well...old. It's almost like: she's the abduction researcher who thinks it's aliens. He's the guy who believes Roswell was time-travelers. She's the person who writes about UFOs being inter-dimensional. He tells us it's Venusians. Etc, etc. Blah, blah. I kind of think that some researchers believe a change of opinion = weakness and unsureness. What a load of crap! Demonstrating that you're specifically not caught up in a position of "it's this or nothing" and are willing to take on board other scenarios is a stance born of strength. Not being able to face the idea of changing your views shows one thing and one thing only: you are emotionally driven by a need to believe and you have a fear of the unknown and of new challenges. Ufologist: Don't do it!

Can you imagine being interested in UFOs and never talking about anything else? I can't, and I hope that applies to you, too. But, it's hardly something unknown in Ufology. It doesn't hurt now and again - actually, as often as possible - to have a life away from everything bug-eyed and saucer-shaped. Whether it's down the pub, at a restaurant, at a conference, or anywhere, it is actually permissible to speak about other things, like football ("soccer" as the unenlightened call it), life, music, travel, the list goes on and on. But, when we're all in a social context, let's have a break now and then from never-ending discussion about how many bodies were found at Roswell, or whether the Grays like their mutilated cattle cooked rare or well-done. Droning on about UFOs all night will (a) demonstrate your lack of a life; (b) fail to get you laid; and (c) quite possibly see you on the receiving end of a powerful punch on the jaw from someone who cannot take another 3-hours of waffle about memory-metal found in the New Mexico desert 60-something years ago. When it comes to being stuck like an old and scratchy vinyl album, Ufologist: Don't do it!

As someone who has done far more cryptozoological research than UFO research, I often like to bring up the fact that someone has seen Bigfoot race across the road at the same place - and in the same precise time-frame - that someone else saw a UFO land in the woods. One of the reasons I like to bring it up is because it makes many a Ufologist and Cryptozoologist cringe. The reason: it suggests their carefully constructed beliefs might need to be revised. And, neither of these two "ologies" want that! But, why? What's wrong with pointing out that there are a significant number of cases on record where one Fortean puzzle most certainly crosses paths with another? Answer: there's nothing wrong with it! For those fearful of what their peers might think, however, it is a problem. So, they stay weak and silent. I say: Ufologist: Don't do it!

For all their desires to spread the ufological word at conferences, on TV, on radio, and on the Net, I have seen more than a few Ufologists squirm and go bright red when they are forced to answer to people outside of their field the question of: "So, what do you do?" Again, this is due to lack of self-worth, lack of character, lack of self-belief, etc. Of course people are going to laugh a bit (maybe a lot!) when you say "I look for aliens." But, instead of avoiding discussion, say it loud and proud. If you think the best thing to say about your beliefs is to say nothing at all, I can only add those four words one more time: Ufologist, don't do it!

Lion on the Loose?

There's a lion prowling around Essex, England. Allegedly.

Hmmmmm.....really? A Lion? In England?

I don't doubt - at all - that there are large and exotic cats running around the UK. But a lion?

Methinks this story will run for a while...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Man-Wolves: Linda's Latest

"Manwolf sightings continue to roll in. The two I’m sharing here are older but only a few months ago — while looking for something else — I found six-inch-plus canid tracks in a muddy field near Whitewater. The prints veered into the field from brush at the road shoulder, followed some deer tracks until it caught up and then the deer tracks ran off to a woods and the canine tracks were lost to drier soil."

Those are the opening words of a new post from Linda Godfrey at her blog - which contains data on two old sightings brought to Linda's attention.

The Inhumanoids: Tonight

Tonight, on his Search for Hidden Beasts show, Ken Gerhard's guest will be Bart Nunnelly, author of a fine cryptozoological title: The Inhumanoids. If you don't have the book you really should!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Werewolves on Coast to Coast

Tomorrow evening, Linda Godfrey, without doubt the leading authority on werewolves in the United States, will be on Coast to Coast AM, where she will be promoting her new book, Real Wolfmen. If stories of man-beasts, lycanthropes, werewolves, and bipedal canids fascinate you, then this is a show not to miss!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Paranormal Creatures in the UK

Over at his Shuker Nature blog, Dr. Karl Shuker presents us with his favorite Top 10 paranormal creatures of the UK. And as Karl shows, there's definitely some strange ones!

Karl begins:

"In modern times, Britain – reputedly the world’s most haunted country – has seen more than even its fair share of monstrous creatures reported, beasts assuredly more supernatural than natural. So here, in no particular order, is my own personal Top Ten paranormal terrors of the zooform kind (i.e. seemingly preternatural entities superficially resembling corporeal creatures). Encounter them at your peril!"

Ufological Origins

"For most people, any mention of UFOs inevitably conjures up imagery of spaceships from other worlds, and alien abductions. However, the theory that UFOs originate in far-away galaxies is simply that – a theory. In reality, numerous suggestions have been made to explain the UFO presence that has, for decades, fascinated generations of saucer-seekers everywhere. Indeed, the fact of the matter is that, like it or not, we’re still very much in the dark when it comes to understanding the true nature of what it is that is amongst us, and which, for so long, has interacted with us. Let’s take a look at those theories…"

Those are the opening lines of my latest Mysterious Universe post that looks at the various theories offered to explain the UFO phenomenon: aliens, cryptoterrestrials, demons, time-surfers, and more...

PS: No, that is not a UFO above. Just a good old aircraft smoke-ring...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Brassknocker Beast

Over at the Creature of the Month section at the blog of New Page Books, I take a look at the weird story of the "Beast of Brassknocker Hill," about which I begin as follows:

"The strange saga all began in July 1979, amid wild rumours that a terrifying monster was haunting the dark woods of Brassknocker Hill, situated near the old British city of Bath. Described variously, and in both excited and hysterical tones, as a long-fanged, four foot tall creature resembling a baboon, chimpanzee, spider-monkey, gibbon or lemur, the creature was of far more concern to some than it was to others."

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ancient ETs vs. Ancient Humanoids

"Of the many and varied, multifaceted theories that have been advanced to try and explain what lies at the heart of the UFO puzzle, one of the most controversial suggests that rather than representing bug-eyed intruders from far-away star-systems, the assumed aliens are really nothing of the sort. So, what, then, might they be, if not extraterrestrials?

"Well, according to some researchers of the UFO phenomenon, our elusive visitors may be the last, possibly even the waning, vestiges of a very ancient, but very terrestrial, race of advanced entities that originated right here on Earth in our distant past. They have chosen – or have been forced – to live outside of human society, and within huge, cavernous underworlds far below the surface of our planet. Yes, it does sound just like wild fantasy. But, incredibly, maybe it is not."

Those are the opening words to my latest Mysterious Universe post that looks at the possibility that, perhaps, the UFO phenomenon might originate not "out there" but right here...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Second Coming Charade

If anything along the lines of a so-called "Second Coming" ever really occurred, could we actually trust what we might be seeing and hearing?

This was something that I discussed in my Final Events book, in relation to the controversial Project Blue Beam scenario. And although, as I note in the book, no evidence has ever surfaced to suggest that Blue Beam is, or was, a reality in the generally accepted scenarios, that's not to say that religious charades have not been attempted by officialdom. They most certainly have.

If you're wondering what that's all about, check out my latest Mysterious Universe post on a very weird Cold War plot of the early 1960s that involved Cuba, Fidel Castro, the Pentagon and a plan to create a bogus Jesus.

I kid you not...

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Other Side Of Truth

Paul Kimball shares with us the cover of his forthcoming book, which looks to be a good, thought-provoking study of paranormal phenomena, The Other Side Of Truth!

The Paradigm Symposium: Ticket Deal!

If you're thinking of attending the Minneapolis-based Paradigm Symposium (at which I'll be speaking on the weekend of October 18-21), there's an excellent offer on right now regarding tickets, as co-organizer Micah Hanks reveals at his Gralien Report blog.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Penthouse And The End Of The World

As some of you may know, I do quite a bit of writing for Penthouse. Well, the new issue (September) contains a 4-page article from me on the "2012/Mayan Prophecies" controversy, with the bulk of the article focused upon an extensive interview I did with good friend Marie Jones about her book on the subject, 2013: Envisioning the World After the Events of 2012, The End of Days or a New Beginning?

Without doubt (in my view) Marie's is certainly the most balanced of all the books I have read on the 2012 saga, and it's one I urge you to read if you're counting down the days to December 21. Or even if you're not!

PS: there's much more to enjoy in the magazine, too...


Sprites, Plasmas, Saucers and More

Well, if that post-title has caught your eye, check out the full article: it's from Dr. Dave Clarke and covers intriguing ground regarding the potential origins of at least some UFOs...

Brad Steiger and Werewolves

In the latest (September) edition of Fortean Times magazine, Brad Steiger's The Werewolf Book gets an excellent review.

In part, it says:

"This is a very professional encyclopredia from one of the field's masters, covering all things shapeshiftery and not just 'men who are hairy on the inside' (as Angela Lansbury’s Granny’ put it in The Company of Wolves). Steiger draws on material ranging from ancient lore to modern TV and films (and even computer games) reworking classic motifs. This companion volume to the same publisher’s Vampire Book offers over 250 entries and makes a handy and entertaining reference."

Friday, August 17, 2012

Men In Noir

For those who are in France, from France, or speak French, the French edition of my book, The Real Men in Black, is now available right here.

Brad Steiger's NDE

Over at The Examiner, Brad Steiger shares with us the fascinating story of his very own Near Death Experience (NDE), which occurred in 1947. Here's the link to the article which makes for very thought-provoking reading...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A New Q&A At The Examiner

There's a lengthy new interview with me at The Examiner that covers a wide range of Fortean things, including the Men in Black, Bigfoot, Roswell, LSD, how I got into writing, window-areas, how Hollywood treats Fortean topics, my book Science Fiction Secrets, NASA, DMT, Aleister Crowley, and a great deal more...

Quest for the Hexham Heads

Over at Cryptomundo I have a new post on what - for me, anyway - is without doubt the most anticipated book of the year: Paul Screeton's Quest for the Hexham Heads. If you're into real-life cases involving werewolves - but ones of a definitive paranormal nature - this particular saga is one you won't want to miss. I promise!

Coast to Coast Tonight: Pyramids/Pentagon

As a reminder, I'll be on Coast to Coast tonight  from 11PM to 2AM West Coast Time. The subject: my latest book, The Pyramids and the Pentagon.

The Weird Saucer Saga of Kenneth Goff

In a new post at Mysterious Universe, I begin as follows on a saga that is as fascinating as it is bizarre:

"Born in Delavan, Wisconsin in 1914, Kenneth Goff was a strange character with intriguing links to the early years of Ufology that many have either forgotten about, or simply have no awareness of at all. Which is a pity, since the Goff saga is one of truly intriguing and conspiratorial proportions!"

Indeed it is, as it covers faked alien invasions, one-world government scenarios and much more...

And here's the link to the complete article.

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Haunted Mind

A couple of days ago, I received in the mail a copy of Dr. Bob Curran's new book: A Haunted Mind, which is a study of the life and work of H.P. Lovecraft - with most of the book devoted to addressing the very intriguing theory that much of the man's fictional work was possibly based on his secret knowledge of all-too-real things monstrous, malignant, ancient and other-worldly.

I'm about 50-pages into the book and it's excellent reading. If you're already a fan of Lovecraft's work, are intrigued by the possibility that there might be actual truths behind the fiction, or are new to the man and his writings, Bob's book is one I definitely recommend!

I'll be doing a full review of A Haunted Mind right here once I have finished reading it.

PS: On a very refreshing note, Bob does not present Lovecraft as some untouchable god-like writer who is to be revered and praised on bended knee at all times. No. Instead, Bob shows the man as he was: deeply weird, massively flawed, odd, eccentric, racist, asexual, not at all likable, socially-challenged, and someone with an overwhelming and ridiculous sense (an incorrect sense, of course) of his own superiority and importance over others. Yes, Lovecraft was a tremendously gifted writer. But as a man? Well, put it this way: be content to remember him as a great writer and nothing else...

Mysterious Musings On Misterioso

While hanging out with good mate Greg Bishop at his Los Angeles home last Sunday, I was interviewed for his regular show, Radio Misterioso.

Doing so is always fun, not just because Greg is a mate, but because he has a very refreshing and flexible approach to his show. In other words, just about anything and everything is up for discussion - and it was!

Over the course of about two and a half hours, we dug into such matters as our favorite Fortean books, the state of paranormal TV (total night-vision-dominated crap!), the Contactee movement, and a great deal more.

Greg has now posted the interview online and you can find it right here.

PS: That's Greg, above, in a picture taken by me in December 2010, at the site of George Van Tassel's legendary Integratron. Greg was getting ready to take the skies and make like Mothman, while me and Andy Colvin watched and took photos.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pyramids, Pentagon, Coast to Coast

This coming wednesday night (beginning at 11PM Pacific Time), I'll be on Coast to Coast AM speaking about my latest book, The Pyramids and the Pentagon.

If you want to listen in - or call in - here's all the info.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weirdness in Wisconsin

Loren Coleman delves into the strange and Fortean-saturated saga of Janesville, Wisconsin...

Looks like a road-trip is in order for me!


Now there's an interesting combination for a blog-post title!

As some of you may know, I do quite a bit of feature writing for Penthouse (yeah, I know, it's a hard life LOL). Well, the new issue (September) contains a 4-page article from me on the whole 2012/"End of the World" controversy.

The article focuses to an extensive amount on what I consider to be the most balanced book on this subject: Marie Jones' 2013: The End of Days or a New Beginning? And I interview Marie at length in the article.

So, now's your chance to see what Marie's thoughts are as we get closer and closer to the end...or as we don't get closer and closer to the end! Either way, we'll find out soon enough...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Vice Squad: Punk Rock Radio

As all my mates know - and as some of you reading this will know - one of my all-time favourite bands is Vice Squad. And, yes, I do know not everyone shares my taste for punk music. But, that's partly why I do what I do here: to convert you all!

So, with that in mind, here's one you should get hold of: Vice Squad's 2012 stormer: Punk Rock Radio.

Blistering, bouncing, soaring and speeding, it's a massively catchy collection of perfect UK punk. And the track Advance Britannia is a total masterpiece that is as British and as anthem-like as the Sex Pistols' classic God Save the Queen and the Clash's 1985 track, This is England.

Okay, I know a lot of people don't consider the last Clash line-up to be the real Clash, but I defy anyone to listen to This is England and not get stirred up. And that's the same with Advance Britannia.

If AB is not booming out of the windows of Buckingham Palace by this time next week, then there's no bloody justice in the world!

Buy, buy, buy, BUY!!

The Cornfield Critter

Check out this for an interesting, and slightly creepy, story of something roaming around a certain cornfield...

And there's a cemetery nearby too...

The End For Socorro?

Is the legendary saga of the Socorro, New Mexico "UFO landing" case of 1964 finally at an end? Is it time to relegate the affair to a file titled "Hoax"?

Read on for Tony Bragalia's latest findings on the affair...

Me and Marilyn Monroe...

No, the title of this post is not a reference to some sensational bit of gossip! But, read on, anyway...

As you may recall, I wrote a post a few days ago about a series of strange events that occurred to me last Sunday when I was in LA - such as (A) meeting a Charles Fort; and (B) being checked into a hotel-room numbered 1163.

As I noted in the original post, right before flying out to LA I had been doing research for an on-going and extensive project into the connections between UFOs and the JFK assassination of 1963. JFK was assassinated in November of that year. Or, 11/63. My room number: 1163.

Well, something else popped into my mind this morning: there's a highly controversial story - and equally controversial, alleged CIA document - in UFO research circles suggesting that JFK secretly confided in Hollywood hotty Marilyn Monroe his knowledge of crashed UFOs and bodies.

The reason: so he could impress her into bed, of course! Alien conspiracies aren't without their benefits! You can find an article, from me, on this very strange saga right here.

But, here's the new bit of info I want to relate: the very day when everything went weird for me in LA, last Sunday, was August 5. That just happens to have been the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's controversial death.

So, I had been researching the UFO/JFK angle (including the Marilyn Monroe saga, on which I have tons of data); I got checked into a hotel room that corresponded with the date-death of JFK; and the day in question marked the half-a-century passing of Marilyn Monroe!

Coincidence? Me simply making connections that anyone can make if they dig deep enough? Or something else? Any thoughts....????

Kathy Kasten RIP

There's some very sad news to report on today. UFO researcher Kathy Kasten has died at 72. If you frequented the online site, UFO Updates, you'll know that Kathy was a frequent contributor and one not afraid to speak her mind on all manner of UFO issues - and particularly so Roswell.

I had a lot of interesting conversations (email, phone and letter) with Kathy, as she had been pursuing angles and data very similar to those detailed in my Body Snatchers in the Desert book suggesting that Roswell was born out of a secret military experiment with a Japanese component to it.

Perhaps, one day, Kathy's manuscript on the subject (which, in its first incarnation, she completed a couple of years ago, but which she had been constantly adding to, too) will surface in book form and you'll get to see those revelations.

But, UFOs are way, way down the line of importance when it comes to the tragedy that Kathy's passing is for her family and friends - who we should all keep in our minds, prayers and thoughts right now.


12 Top Tips To Becoming A Cryptozoologist

Whether it amuses you, offends you, or does absolutely nothing for you, here's my tongue-firmly-in-cheek 12 Top Tips to becoming a Cryptozoologist.

As I note in the post (for "When you were a kid, maybe you had dreams of making it as a rock-star. Perhaps your goal was a job on the telly. Or you thought about going into politics. Nah, scrap that last one. We all have ideas about what would make the perfect, dream-job. And some of them are stranger than others. Take cryptozoology, the domain of the adventure-fueled men and women who travel the UK in search of Nessie, big cats, Sasquatch and other bizarre and legendary beasts. How's about monster-hunting for a career? If you're up for it, here's how to do it!"

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beer! Beer! Beer!

One of my most recent Top 10s for this one is on the Top 10 beer adverts on British TV...

A Ghost Book Collection

Peter Beckman is not only the author of Dead Hollywood and someone who I sometimes chat with about the Men in Black. He also starred in the video for what is, in my opinion, the greatest Ramones song ever: Psycho Therapy, from the band's 1983 album, Subterranean Jungle. This, of course, raises his coolness levels to unparalleled proportions!

Well, Peter told me a couple of days ago that he has decided to go ahead and sell his entire collection of ghost books. As you'll see from the list, there are some very old and extremely rare first editions listed here that, for fans of ghosts, you won't want to miss.

Here's Peter to give you all the info (you can contact him at

GHOST STORY Collection
All volumes with dust jackets are protected by Brodart clear plastic covers.
Every effort has been made to find accurate prices for these volumes. Many of these volumes cannot be located online.
All volumes are hardcover, except when listed as paperbacks, and are in good-excellent condition.
The seller will pay postage and basic insurance fees in the continental U.S. only.
Purchaser will have three days after reciept of merchandise to contact seller for a refund, if not satisfied.
The price for the collection is $5,500 US.
1) “Victorian Nightmares” edited: Hugh Lamb. Taplinger, N.Y. 1977. 1st , with DJ
2) “Strange and Fantastic Stories” edited: Jos. A. Margolies. Whittlesey House, N.Y. 1946. 1st
3) “The Other Passenger” by John Keir Cross. J.B.Lippincott, N.Y. 1946. 1st American, with DJ
4) “The Purcell Papers” by J. Sheridan LeFanu. Arkham House 1975. 1st with DJ
5) “The Collected Ghost Stories of M.R. James” E. Arnold & Co., London, 1949. With DJ
6) “In A Glass Darkly” by J. Sheridan LeFanu. J.Lehmann Ltd., London, 1947. 1st, with DJ
7) “The Ghost Story Omnibus” edited: Jos. L. French. Tudor, N.Y., 1926
8) “Uncanny Stories” by May Sinclair. Macmillan, N.Y., 1923. 1st.
9) “Ghosts, Ghouls and Gallows” by G.F.Marson. Rider & Co., London. 1st.
10) “The Eerie Book” Castle Books, N.J., 1981. 1st, with DJ
11) “Cavalcade of Ghosts” edited: R. Thurston Hopkins. Worlds Work, Ltd., Eng., 1956. 1st with DJ
12) “And the Darkness Falls” edited: Boris Karloff. World, N.Y., 1946. 1st.
13) “25 Modern Stories of Mystery and Imagination” edited: Phil Strong. Garden City Pub., N.Y.,
1941. 1st
14) “The Best Ghost Stories” edited: Bohun Lynch. Small, Maynard & Co., Boston, 1924. 1st.
15) “The Second Ghost Book” edited: Lady Cynthia Asquith. James Barrie, London, 1952. 1st.
16) “This Mortal Coil” by Lady Cynthia Asquith. Arkham House, 1947. 1st with DJ.
17) “Great Tales of Fantasy and Imagination” edited; P.V.D. Stern. Garden City, N.Y., 1945. 1st.
18) “Flower Phantoms” by Ronald Fraser. Boni & Liveright, N.Y., 1926. 1st.
19) “Twice Told Tales” by N. Hawthorne. Scott, Foresman & Co., N.Y., 1903.
20) “Devil Stories” edited: Max J. Rudwin. Knopf, N.Y., 1921. 1st.
21) “Best Ghost Stories” edited: Anne Ridler. Faber and Faber, London, 1925. 1st.
22) “All Hallow’s Eve” by Chas. Williams. Faber & Faber, London, 1925. 1st.
23) “Creeps by Night” edited: Dashiell Hammett. Tudor, N.Y., 1932
24) “A Treasury of Great Ghost Stories” edited: Ira Peck. Popular Library, N.Y., 1965
25) “Great Ghost Stories” edited: P.V.D. Stern. Washington Sq. Press, 1962
26) “Famous Ghosts Stories” edited: Bennett Cerf. Modern Library, N.Y., 1944. 1st
27) “Famous Ghost Stories by English Authors” edited: Adam Gowans. Gowans & Gray, Ltd., London, 1920.
28) “Monsters” Philip Allan, London, 1934. 1st.
29) “Unholy Relics” by M.P. Dare. Edward Arnold & Co., London, 1947. 1st w.DJ
30) “Modern Ghosts” edited: G.W.Curtis. Harper Bros., N.Y., 1890. 1st
31) “The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton” Scribners, N.Y., 1973. 1st.
32) “Shocking Tales” edited: Robert K. Brunner. Current Books, N.Y., 1946. 1st with DJ
33) “25 Ghost Stories” edited: W. Bob Holland. Halcyon House, N.Y.
34) “33 Sardonics” edited: Tiffany Thayer. Philo. Library, N.Y., 1946. 1st, with DJ
35) “Hauntings” edited: Henry Mazzeo. Doubleday, N.Y., 1968. Illus: Edward Gorey. 1st, with DJ
36) “Tales of the Undead” edited; Elinore Blaisdell. Thos. Crowell, N.Y., 1947. 1st. With DJ
37) “Come Not Lucifer” John Westhouse, London, 1945. 1st.
38) “Ghosts, Ghosts, Ghosts” edited: Phyllis Fenner. Franklin Watts, N.Y., 1962, with DJ
39) “The Haunted Omnibus” edited: Alexander Laing. Farrar & Rinehart, N.Y., 1937. 1st.
40) “Monsters Galore” edited; B. J. Hurwood. Fawcett, 1965
41) “Weird Tales of Terror and Detection” by H.F.Heard. Sundial, N.Y., 1946
42) “The Bat” by M.R.Rheinhardt. Triangle Books, N.Y., 1942
43) “Panics” Philip Alan, London, 1934. 1st.
44) “The Barge of Haunted Lives” by J. Aubrey Tyson. Macmillan, N.Y., 1923. 1st with DJ
45) “House of the 7 Gables” by N. Hawthorne. Books, Inc., N.Y.
46) “Speak of the Devil” edited: S. North & C.Boutell. Doubleday & Doran, N.Y., 1945. Illus: Salvador Dali. 1st with DJ.
47) “Extraordinary Tales” by J.L. Borges. Herder & Herder, N.Y., 1971. 1st with DJ
48) “Tales of the Mysterious & Macabre” by Algernon Blackwood. Peter Nevill, London, 1952
49) “The Shilling Shcokers” 1979 HC. With DJ
50) “Ghosts for Christmas” edited: Richard Dalby. Carroll & Graf, N.Y., 1989. With DJ
51) “The Encyclopedia of Ghosts” by Daniel Cohen. Dorset, 1984. With DJ
52) “A Ghost Named Fred” by Nathaniel Benchley. Weekly Redaer, HC, 1968
53) “Haunted House” by Shirley Hughes. Prentice hall, N.Y., 1977. With DJ
54) “Dangerous Ghosts” by Elliot O’Donnell. Rider, London, 1955
55) “Ghost Tales and Legends” by H. Drummond Gauld. F.A.Stokes Co., N.Y., 1930. With DJ
56) “Ghosts of London” by Elliot O”Donnell. Dutton, 1933. 1st
57) “Haunted Houses” by Andrew Green (paperback.) Shire Album #7, 1975
58) “Ghosts in Irish Houses” by James Reynolds. Bonanza Books, N.Y., with DJ
59) “Shane Leslie’s Ghost Book” Sheed & Ward, 1956. 1st US ed. With DJ
60) “A Ghost Hunter’s Game Book” by James W. Day. Frederick Muller, Ltd., London, 1958
61) “Some Haunted Houses” by Elliot O’Donnell. Everleigh Nash, 1908
62) “Haunted Britain” by Elliot O’Donnell. Rider, London, 1953. With DJ
63) “Roald Dahl’s Book of Ghost Stories” FSG, N.Y., 1983. 1st with DJ
64) “Ghosts” edited: Marvin Kaye. Doubleday, N.Y., 1981. With DJ
65) “Lord Halifax’s Complete Ghost Book” Castle, N.Y., 1986. With DJ
66) “Strange to Tell” edited: Fischer & Humphries. Messner, 1946
67) “The Mysteries of Udolpho” by Ann Radcliffe. Everyman’s library (Dent/Dutton) 1965. In two Volumes. With DJ
69) “A Century of Creepy Stories” edited: Sir Hugh Walpole. Hutchinson, London
70) “The Second Century of Creepy Stories” edited: Sir Hugh Walpole. Hutchinson , London
71) “Ghosts and Goblins” edited: W. Harper. Dutton, N.Y., 1965
72) “The Collected Ghost Stories of Mrs. J.H. Riddell” Dover (paperback,) 1977
73) “Five Victorian Ghost Novels” edited: E.F.Bleiler. Dover (paperback,) 1971
74) “Hollywood Haunted” by Jacobson & Wanamaker. Angel City Press (paperback,) 1994. Signed by Wanamaker.
75) “Dwellers in Darkness” by August Derleth. Arkham House, 1976. With DJ
76) “The Best Ghost Stories of H. Russell Wakefield” Academy, Chicago (paperback,) 1978
77) “The Ghost Book” edited: Lady Cynthia Asquith. Scribners, 1927
78) “50 Years of Ghost Stories” Hutchinson, London. With DJ
79) “The Supernatural Tales of Fitz-James O’Brien” Doubleday, 1988. In two volumes. With DJ
81) “Shapes That Haunt the Dusk” edited: Howells & Alden. Harper, 1907
82) “Sleep no More!” by L.T.C.Rolt. Constanble, Eng., 1948. With DJ
83) “High Spirits” by Robertson Davies. Penguin (paperback) 1982
84) “Not Exactly Ghosts” by Sir Andrew Caldicott. E. Arnold, London, 1947
85) “3 Eighteenth Century Romances” Scribners, N.Y., 1931
86) “A Dreamer’s Tale & Other Stories” by Lord Dunsany. Boni & Liveright, London
87) “Best Ghost Stories” edited: Arthur B. Reeve. ModernLibrary, N.Y., With DJ
88) “The Haunted Looking Glass” edited: Edward Gorey. Looking Glass Library (Random House, 1959. Illus: Edward Gorey. With DJ
89) “Perturbed Spirits” edited: R.C.Bull. Arthur Barker, 1954
90) “Ghosts and Witches” by J. W. Day. Batsford, London, 1954
91) “The Book of Ghost Stories - M.R. James” edited: Peter Haining. Stein & Day 1982. With DJ

The Phantom Black Dog: Q&A

Over at The Examiner, you can find a brand new Q&A with me on one of Britain's most enduring mysteries: Phantom Black Dogs.

To give you an idea of the Q&A, here's one of the exchanges:

Question: "What exactly do you think these demon dogs are paranormally speaking per say?"

Nick Redfern: "I can only speculate, but there can be no denying that many researchers and witnesses to the Phantom Black Dogs note how they seem to appear around the time of death and misfortune. And, of course, they are often seen in the vicinity of cemeteries. That's to say they have a Grim Reaper quality to them. Even today, it's perceived as being quite ominous and unsettling to see one of these things. It doesn't take long for the old legends, myths and fears to take hold again, even in the 21st Century."

A Steiger Q&A on Conspiracies

Over at Horror News, you can find a good, insightful new interview with Brad and Sherry Steiger on their latest book, Conspiracies and Secret Societies.

If you're into official secrecy, cover-ups and more, then this is most definitely the book for you!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Strange Sunday

Well, I have had some strange days and nights in my time, but this past Sunday (the 5th) was spectacularly odd, even by my standards! I had flown out to California for a day of business, when distinct weirdness reared its odd head.

As I was being checked-in at the hotel I was staying in, I quite literally did a double-take when I noticed that the name-badge of the chap on the desk was - wait for it - Charles Fort! I was like: "WTF??!!"

It didn't end there. My room number was 1163. Only a day before my flight, I was working on an article on the JFK assassination and its alleged UFO links. When was JFK shot? November 1963. Or: 11/63. My room: 1163.

After crashing out for a while and pondering on the high-strangeness that was afoot, good mate Greg Bishop came over to the hotel and we drove back to his place, chatted, caught up, and then went and got an early dinner, as we were going to do Greg's radio show - Radio Misterioso - that night.

Before the show, Greg shared with me a veritable treasure-trove of UFO-themed material he had acquired some years ago, contained in which was a copy of the FBI's file on infamous Contactee, George Hunt Williamson.

I wish I had had this file when I wrote my On the Trail of the Saucer Spies book (since it told a great deal of how the US Government spied on the UFO community), but I will do a lengthier post on the entire file at a later date, as it contains some classic gems and hilarious nuggets of data from the early years of Saucerdom.

At this point, I should explain that although the file was titled "George Hunt Williamson" a significant portion of its pages were devoted to yet another Contactee - an equally controversial one - Truman Bethurum.

I wrote extensively about Bethurum in my Contactees book. He was the lucky geezer who claimed flirty encounters in the Nevada desert in 1952/53 with a hot alien space-babe known as Captain Aura Rhanes from the planet Clarion (yes, the usual wacky and absurd Space-Brother stuff that no-one should take literally - although I do believe something of a hypnagogic nature occurred to Bethurum).

Old Truman was quite taken by Aura, who he described as being "tops in shapeliness and beauty" and whose space-outfit "did fit so snuggly." There's really not much I can add to that, except...

It seems that the FBI was quite taken by Her Royal Hotness from the stars, too. In the papers on Bethurum, an FBI agent (whose name is blacked out on the available files) relates the story of how Bethurum met hotty Aura, who is described as - and I quote the Bureau - "...a ravishing woman commandant."

I have to wonder what was going through the mind of the agent writing that! (See the top of this post for an extract from the FBI files on Bethurum.)

Then, after digging into the file, it was time for Greg's show, in which we covered everything from the aforementioned oddness at the hotel, the Aura Rhanes saga, the state of paranormal-themed TV (a clue: it's all rubbish), and much more of a controversial and Fortean nature.

Finally, there was the trip back to the hotel, before an early Monday morning flight back to Dallas.

So, that was my weird weekend, one which involved an encounter with Charles Fort, the JFK assassination, a space-captain from a far-away world, and the FBI.

Do you even get the feeling that our "reality" is just a big joke on the part of some deranged computer-programmer in a strange and unearthly dimension of Matrix-style proportions? Perhaps I took too many red pills...

Hell-Hounds on the Loose

There's a new article from me at Mysterious Universe on dogs in England. Nope, not normal, ordinary, friendly little dogs. These are those sinister, blazing-eyed ones that hang out late at night at old bridges, crossroads, lanes and cemeteries. Yep: Phantom Black Dogs!

Throw a stick and shout "Fetch!" at these guys and they will tear your head off!

Wanna Be A Cryptozoologist?

My latest article: How to become a monster-hunter (in slightly tongue in cheek fashion...)