Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Face to Face with a Raccoon!

Here's a photo I have been meaning to post for a while. Late one night a few months ago, I was hanging out at the home of good mate, Ken Gerhard, while he was rehearsing with his band, the Bozo Porno Circus, when I happened to pull back the blinds on the back-door...and...what did I see?

Nothing less than a raccoon staring up at me!

It even sat and patiently waited while I got my camera to grab a shot. And, as you can see, it provided a good pose, too!

That's one of the many things I love about Texas: there's always wild and weird shit running, swimming or flying around!

Ken will probably kill me when he finds out that I encouraged it to hang around, but I did give the little chap a bit of the sandwich I had in my other hand while I juggled the camera. Well, it was staring intently at it and made me feel guilty...


  1. haha Cool .. I would have done the same :-) and 'Bozo Porno Circus' hooo .. sounds like my kinda evening entertainment haha ;-)

  2. Probably the last time you'll be granted entrance at Casa de Gerhard ;)

  3. I feed a number of cats who showed up here 3 years ago and 7 raccoons. I didn't have a camera when I first started feeding them or I would have taken pictures of one of the raccoons which I watched grow from a tiny raccoon to full grown. It was an albino raccoon. Haven't seen it in a long time and wondered if another raccoon or predator killed it.