Friday, August 10, 2012

12 Top Tips To Becoming A Cryptozoologist

Whether it amuses you, offends you, or does absolutely nothing for you, here's my tongue-firmly-in-cheek 12 Top Tips to becoming a Cryptozoologist.

As I note in the post (for "When you were a kid, maybe you had dreams of making it as a rock-star. Perhaps your goal was a job on the telly. Or you thought about going into politics. Nah, scrap that last one. We all have ideas about what would make the perfect, dream-job. And some of them are stranger than others. Take cryptozoology, the domain of the adventure-fueled men and women who travel the UK in search of Nessie, big cats, Sasquatch and other bizarre and legendary beasts. How's about monster-hunting for a career? If you're up for it, here's how to do it!"

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