Friday, August 10, 2012

Kathy Kasten RIP

There's some very sad news to report on today. UFO researcher Kathy Kasten has died at 72. If you frequented the online site, UFO Updates, you'll know that Kathy was a frequent contributor and one not afraid to speak her mind on all manner of UFO issues - and particularly so Roswell.

I had a lot of interesting conversations (email, phone and letter) with Kathy, as she had been pursuing angles and data very similar to those detailed in my Body Snatchers in the Desert book suggesting that Roswell was born out of a secret military experiment with a Japanese component to it.

Perhaps, one day, Kathy's manuscript on the subject (which, in its first incarnation, she completed a couple of years ago, but which she had been constantly adding to, too) will surface in book form and you'll get to see those revelations.

But, UFOs are way, way down the line of importance when it comes to the tragedy that Kathy's passing is for her family and friends - who we should all keep in our minds, prayers and thoughts right now.


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