Friday, August 10, 2012

Vice Squad: Punk Rock Radio

As all my mates know - and as some of you reading this will know - one of my all-time favourite bands is Vice Squad. And, yes, I do know not everyone shares my taste for punk music. But, that's partly why I do what I do here: to convert you all!

So, with that in mind, here's one you should get hold of: Vice Squad's 2012 stormer: Punk Rock Radio.

Blistering, bouncing, soaring and speeding, it's a massively catchy collection of perfect UK punk. And the track Advance Britannia is a total masterpiece that is as British and as anthem-like as the Sex Pistols' classic God Save the Queen and the Clash's 1985 track, This is England.

Okay, I know a lot of people don't consider the last Clash line-up to be the real Clash, but I defy anyone to listen to This is England and not get stirred up. And that's the same with Advance Britannia.

If AB is not booming out of the windows of Buckingham Palace by this time next week, then there's no bloody justice in the world!

Buy, buy, buy, BUY!!


  1. Thanks for a great review CHEERS Paul

  2. You're very welcome, Paul! Cheers, mate!

  3. Nick, I've been reading some on Crowley and this portal business. Not sure how I missed this the last ten years. What do you make of this story and it's relevance to today's ufos, sightings, etc?

  4. Nick you will have to send me one of you books mate - I m without doubt the worlds biggest sceptic when it comes to the old UFO=ET visiting theory. I have studied on and off for 20 years and even visited Roswell. Although I currently don't have time to debate my ideas with you or your followers it would be lovely to read what you think... Best wishes Paul

  5. Hey Pau;
    Cheers for this! Actually, my books really dont delve much into the ET angle. I gave up that many years ago, and have views that fall far more in line with the likes of John Keel re ultraterrestrials rather than extraterrestrials.
    My book on the Men in Black, for example, doesnt follow the conventional approach of it's government agents, but explores such areas as are the MIB Tulpas/Thought-Forms; supernatural; etc.

    And I've written quite a bit on the links between UFOs and such people as Aleister Crowley, DMT, altered states and Jack Parsons - an undeniable link, in my view, and which takes things far away from the ET angle.

    As for Roswell, I have written a book on that - Body Snatchers in the Desert - which suggests the possibility of a classified military experiment.

    I have a new book out next month and will be pleased to send along a copy when it comes out.

    Cheers mate!

  6. Hey Mark

    Crowley, Lam, portals, Jack Parsons etc are - in my view - all vital components of the whole UFO angle. I don't think the real UFO phenomenon is ET-based. I think its something that co-exists with us, and which manifests in diffeernt guises over the centuries, depending on the cultural beliefs of the people of the era. One persons ET is another persons Djinn, is another persons goblin, is another persons demon etc etc. And I do definitely believe its possible to invoke and interact with these entities and some - such as Crowley with Lam - achieved it. The mistake, in my view, is that so many people today are stuck in believing its all aliens, without seeing the bigger historical picture of how these things have always been coexisting with us, but theyre not what many think they are.