Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Red Pill Junkie Insights

Over at the blog of Intrepid magazine, Red Pill Junkie has a new post that I urge one and all to read. It starts with the words below and takes us down some very winding and strange pathways - as it should!

"When you spend enough time in the Fortean realm, you start to amass a great deal of information allegedly transmitted by a varied cornucopia of other-worldly sources: channeled material, psychic dreams, close encounters of the 3rd or 4rd kind, medium séances, Ouija board sessions, and a long etcetera. Determining the validity of this information can be as taxing as finding reliable data on the Internet —in fact even more so.

"I don’t ascribe nor endorse the easy routes when it comes to these mysteries. Both the skeptical dismissal of ‘transmitted’ material as either hoaxes or mental delusions, as well as the uncritical acceptance of the cult-like groups that tend to gather around the ‘transmitters’ equally upset me."


  1. Nothing like taking the Red Pill.
    Good article RPJ,my friend.
    Wise words
    ...or so my channeled alien friend seems to be telling me.
    So it must be true.-)

    1. For once, a message from the machine elves we can trust! ;)