Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Phantom Black Dog: Q&A

Over at The Examiner, you can find a brand new Q&A with me on one of Britain's most enduring mysteries: Phantom Black Dogs.

To give you an idea of the Q&A, here's one of the exchanges:

Question: "What exactly do you think these demon dogs are paranormally speaking per say?"

Nick Redfern: "I can only speculate, but there can be no denying that many researchers and witnesses to the Phantom Black Dogs note how they seem to appear around the time of death and misfortune. And, of course, they are often seen in the vicinity of cemeteries. That's to say they have a Grim Reaper quality to them. Even today, it's perceived as being quite ominous and unsettling to see one of these things. It doesn't take long for the old legends, myths and fears to take hold again, even in the 21st Century."

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