Friday, August 10, 2012

The Cornfield Critter

Check out this for an interesting, and slightly creepy, story of something roaming around a certain cornfield...

And there's a cemetery nearby too...


  1. I don't have plastic -- can I direct order to you with a check?

  2. I'm thinking your past six books -- send you a check for $125. This is drew hempel.

  3. Do you mean for books? If yes, unfortunately, I dont have copies myself. I just get given a small supply on publication to give to people who helped with the book (interviewees etc). So, the only way to get them is Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.

  4. Hey Drew
    I thought it was you! Unfortunately, as I only get a small supply of my books when they are published, I literally (really!) own just one copy of each of my books.

    It's very different when people self-publish or do POD etc, as they can publish - and keep for themselves - as many copies as they like.

    But the deal I have with the publisher is that the books are sold online or in in shops, and they contractually provide a small number on publication to the author. Thats how many publishers work, and they then pay the author royalties on copies sold - rather than the author selling them via their website etc.

    So, unfortunately, I'm not in a position to be able to sell books directly. Plus, as I mentioned in the earlier comment, the main reason why I rarely have spare copies is because the spares go out from me to the people who helped with the book (interviewees, people who supplied photos etc) as a thank-you.

    The easiest approach for you not having plastic would probably be to go to the local Barnes and Noble who can order them in and pay them cash.

    Sorry about that, but publishing can be a funny world, as people often think (quite incorrectly) that an author gets unlimited free copies from a publisher as and when they are needed, which is far from the case!

    1. I went to the closest "indiebound"-linked store and I ordered all your New Page books (yep I've got some serious catch up to do). The lady asked if I was taking a class. haha.

      O.K. I guess there's only one copy of Memoirs of a Monster Hunter left in the U.S. warehouses and only three copies of Contactees.

      So looks like it's time to get them reissued. haha.

      Thanks again Nick!