Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rich Reynolds: MIB Thoughts

In a new post at The UFO Iconoclast(s), Rich Reynolds delves deep into the puzzle of the Men in Black, and suggests that, perhaps, evidence of their sinister actions dates way before many have even begun to suspect. But, they may not have always dressed in black...

Rich kicks off as follows:

"The Men in Black, whom Nick Redfern has documented rather fully in his book, The Real Men in Black, have been with mankind for a lot longer than surmised.

"They ensued right after the dawn of civilization, if The Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament) and various myths have any reportorial accuracy.

"The modern-day MIB phenomenon began with Gray Barker’s introduction of them in his 1956 book, They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers.

"However, those versed in early religious and mythological tales know that Men in Black types have ponced on humanity well before 1956."

And here's where you can find the rest of Rich's thought-provoking post.

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