Monday, August 27, 2012

Lion on the Loose?

There's a lion prowling around Essex, England. Allegedly.

Hmmmmm.....really? A Lion? In England?

I don't doubt - at all - that there are large and exotic cats running around the UK. But a lion?

Methinks this story will run for a while...


  1. Shock horror dude, there was no Essex lion... I've done a few interviews regarding the 'scare', and wrote a few bits here: It seems that as in most 'big cat' scares, there's no evidence and yet droves of police officers and newspaper reporters have flocked to the scene to interview the maned beast! Of course, it never showed up...fake photo's, beastly headlines, circus escapee rumour, no evidence, screaming witnesses, researchers in camo' gear salivating at the thought of getting a photo of their quarry...yep, it's another British big farce!

  2. Cheers Neil, yeah it was a farce, but an entertaining one (albeit briefly LOL)